São Tomé e Príncipe elections for interim coach

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The São Tomé e Príncipe elections for interim coach final results. The winner will be the first coach of São Tomé e Príncipe NT in history.

Place Manager Votes
1 didodado78 72
2 UNOZEUS10 15
3 Old_boy 11
4 jimson 9
5 jopesnope 6
6 Player17 6
7 kblafuente 6
8 Mister_Sunfield 6
9 menziesaviation 6
10 Gabrysian 3
11 sonicedge 3
12 XTommy1 0
13 mariusz730117 0
14 edaliedali 0
15 arteta2325 0

Candidate speech

Hello everyone I am didodado78

Currently I collaborate with the scouting Italian NT and Palestinian NT In Italy I follow the strikers and in Palestine the goalkeepers, they are in the national team for many seasons.

The basis for doing a good job in STP there are all and on my part there will be the maximum commitment not only to be competitive and take satisfaction in the next CC & WC but also in the following ones!

Come on, STP!

Created by User:Old boy