Safirni kup

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Safirni kup
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Cup name: Safirni kup
Country: Croatia Croatia
Seasons: 41 - ongoing
Last champions: Asasaassa 2nd Edition
Most successful team: Prljavi (2) and bukva with two teams Beech boys and Bukve with 2 titles
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The 'Safirni kup is a Croatian variant of the Sapphire Challenger Cup in Croatian Safirni kup . This is a national Challenger Cup, open to teams that have been eliminated from the main National Cup. There are three different Challenger Cups for each league, each of similar strength and with their own trophy.


Croatian sesons.

Season Team Name Manager Name
62 Asasaassa 2nd Edition don_zvone
61 NK Gaj Mače markoA
60 Jadro United -Jadro-
59 Cyber CF Mrky_
58 O`Strong Horsi
57 Bukve bukva
56 Toljage Utd. Dubilica
55 Samsara Naropa
54 Visoke Peći B____
53 Papuk Nankatsu Zemosan
52 slick Mane_
51 Nk Viganj Domagojk
50 Beech boys bukva
49 Prljavi 2slowDD
48 Geo-wild Geowild
47 Prljavi 2slowDD
46 Street warriors freestyler_
45 Pornosaurs -Franc
44 feral tribune mikan
43 NK Nered Wasted_Penguin
42 Val aerial
41 Penetratori penetratori

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