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Panama C.gifSan Agustín CF (937757) is a Hattrick club currently competing in V.82 out of the Panama region in the Panamanian league. It is owned by Adán De Gracia Esmenjaud.

Here SACF presents the players of its squad.


Enzo del Campo Gortazar

Chilean goalkeeper promoted from the youth squad in Freno de Mano F.C. on 06-26-2005. 32 years, his next birthday is on 05-28-2009. His best performance within SACF achieved in match (04-27-2009). In inadequate form, passable stamina. A popular guy who is temperamental and upright. Has excellent experience and poor leadership abilities.


Club Country
Freno de Mano F.C. Chile
Metanoia Italy

Stefan Falquist


San Agustín CF has players originating from the following countries: Argentina Canada Chile Colombia Germany Spain Guatemala Israel Netherlands Oceania Panama Portugal Switzerland Sweden Uruguay