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Sanguinheira SC (88874)
Club Crest
Club Colors: Grey, Blue, Red and Orange
Club Info
City: Cantanhede, Coimbra
Country: Portugal Portugal
Continent: Europe
League: VI.247
Club Foundation: 17-03-2009
Fan Club: Fúria Azul
President: Portugal joaotsantos

Coach: Germany Bastian Fanscheck


Sanguinheira Sport Clube is a Portuguese Hattrick Club owned by joaotsantos.

This club was founded on 17th of March 2009 and is based at the Sanguinheira Box in Cantanhede (Coimbra).

Club History

Season League Cup Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
26 7th in IX.1756 --- ---- Gilberto Morato Portugal 5
27 1st in X.2386 --- Division IX.pngGoldenboot X.gif Gonçalo Vaz Portugal 11
28 3rd in IX.886 --- L09-3.png Alfonso Fontanive España 8
29 3rd in VIII.543 1st round L08-3.png António Rosado Portugal 6
30 1st in VIII.543 1st round Division VIII.PNG Ján Vaněk Česká republika 11
31 4th in VII.394 2nd round --- Alexander Holmo Sverige 8
32 3rd in VII.394 2nd round L07-3.png Ian Zwagerman Nederland 10
33 7th in VI.380 2nd round --- Oliver Hausmann Schweiz 3
34 2nd in VII.163 3rd round L07-2.png Marcel Lambergar Slovenija 10
35 3rd in VI.247 2nd round L06-3.png Marcel Lambergar Slovenija 8
36 4th in VI.247 2nd round --- Oliver Hausmann Schweiz 8
37 2nd in VI.247 4th round L06-2.pngGoldenboot X.gif Marcel Lambergar Slovenija 14
38 2nd in VI.247 3rd round L06-2.pngGoldenboot X.gif Marcel Lambergar Slovenija 9
39 --- 3rd round --- --- ---


The Sanguinheira Box was built to replace the old SC Sanguinheira Arena which opened in 2009. It was inaugurated on January 12, 2009 in a particular game against the rival team and sadly now defunct, Berlengas FC


  • Total capacity: 39.110
  • Standing places: 20.000
  • Normal Seats: 13.000
  • Business seats: 5.500
  • VIP-Boxes: 610


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Uniform away:

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