Sealand Cup XVIII/Fair Play Award

From Hattrick

The Fair Play Award of Sealand Cup XVIII was the fourth official Fair Play Award handed out in Sealand Cup history. Champion Limburgia FC won the award with 21 points and became the first champion to win the Fair Play Award too. Sherlock's Boys received second place and FC Jaapo third place.

Points system

Teams received 5 points for each group match played and 2 points for each knockout match played. A yellow card was penalised with 1 point and a red card (either direct or after two yellow cards) with 3 points. In case of a tie, the tie-breakers went firstly to the team that received fewer cards, secondly to the team that received fewer penalty points and thirdly to the team that played more minutes.

If a team played only two matches in the first group stage (because the match was forfeited), the group stage score of that team would be multiplied with 1½. Teams that caused the match to be forfeited (i.e. teams that were awarded the loss) did not receive compensation.

Final Standings

Rank Team Points
1 Flag of Noord-Brabant.png Limburgia FC 21
2 Flag of Noord-Holland.png Sherlock's Boys 19
3 Flag of Bayern.png FC Jaapo 18
4 Flag of Noord-Holland.png FC Sammie de Cavia 18
5 Flag of Fryslân.png F.C. Memorice 17
6 Flag of Oost-Vlaanderen.png R.C. Vozzko 16
7 Flag of Vlaams-Brabant.png De Peizegemnaars 15
8 Flag of Limburg (NL).png BSC Remunj 15
9 Flag of Gelderland.png HetBeste 15
10 Flag of Zuid-Holland.png The Di Angelo 15
11 Flag of Antwerpen.png KV Red Star Waasland–SK Beveren 14
12 Flag of Noord-Brabant.png TSV Oosterhout 14
13 Flag of Noord-Holland.png FC Biegstraaten 14
14 Flag of West-Vlaanderen.png Ploeg Van 'T Stad 13
15 Flag of Utrecht.png FC Keistad City 192 13
16 Flag of Gelderland.png Pilsner Pirates 13
17 Flag of Gelderland.png Collectief Aan Ons Gerief 12
18 Flag of Limburg (NL).png FC De Reigers 1 12
19 Flag of Gelderland.png Peloton 12
20 Flag of West-Vlaanderen.png FC De Sterren 11
21 Flag of Utrecht.png Utrechtseboys 11
22 Flag of Zuid-Holland.png FC Atse 11
23 Flag of Overijssel.png De Nielses Heijmanses 11
24 Flag of Oost-Vlaanderen.png Loosertjes 8

Red cards

Five players received a red card in Sealand Cup XVIII.

Player Team Time of cards Result Opponent Round
Valery Perevozchikov Flag of West-Vlaanderen.png FC De Sterren Yellow.png 25', Yellow.pngRed.png 48' 0–5 F.C. Memorice Group Stage (Swallow)
Sampo Kimiläinen Flag of Oost-Vlaanderen.png Loosertjes Red.png 84' 1–3 Limburgia FC Group Stage (Hawk)
Jonas Wessels Flag of Noord-Holland.png FC Biegstraaten Yellow.png 28', Yellow.pngRed.png 87' 2–0 BSC Remunj Second Round
Roland Buijing Flag of Zuid-Holland.png FC Atse Yellow.png 37', Yellow.pngRed.png 78' 0–3 FC Jaapo Second Round
Louis Coosen Flag of Gelderland.png HetBeste Red.png 72' 0–8 Sherlock's Boys Quarterfinals