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A server in Hattrick is a IIS (Internet Information Server) to a client web browser. Generally speaking, a server is a piece of computer hardware or software (computer program) that provides functionality (i.e. provides a service) for other programs or devices, called "client".

Since April 2006, and for the duration of the partnership, Intel has been responsible for supporting and updating the game's hardware.

Hattrick Servers

The HT webservers can be recognized by a number after the 'www'. However, it is required by the site that you enter the game through "" login page.

Only the Hattrick team knows about the exact server setup, although it is assumed that there are several webservers behind a load balancer, accompanied by database servers.

Server Move

The Hattrick servers move to Switzerland on 13 November 2006. Hattrick was not accessible for more than 24 hours; being offline during the league matches of several countries, users in those countries were forced to wait for two days to see the results of their matches.

Hattrick announces

13/11/2006 02:00
Hattrick is literally on the road. We are moving part of our server installation to a second data center in order to improve our availability in the future. We expect to be back online Tuesday at 17.00. If everything goes smoothly, Hattrick may come online earlier than that. But as it is impossible to know exactly how much time something like this takes, there is also a risk that it will take more time than planned.

We will keep you updated regularly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is a status log which was displayed along with Hammo during the time:
02:10: Start taking down the site.
02:25: Start removing servers from rack.
06:45: Everything packed.
07:00: On truck.
07:40: Arrived at airport.
09:00: Loading the airplane.
09:45: Airplane taking off.
11:15: Over Malmö (Malmoe), Sweden.
11:45: Over Hamburg, Germany.
12:45: Over Frankfurt, Germany.
13:25: Landed, Friedrichshafen, Germany.
13:30: Commenced unloading.
14:35: On the road again.
15:40: Arrived at border.
16:25: Customs and border cleared.
18:10: Arrived in Zurich. Unpacking.
21:45: Installation on site progressing as planned.
07:45: Main servers up and running.
10:15: Web and database servers running. Still some network issues.
12:30: Still troubleshooting network issues.

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