Short Update

From Hattrick

Short updates can be surprisingly devious in Hattrick. Normally these are supposed to be of a relatively little importance, serving to perform some simple maintenance tasks. The one on Wednesday, July 12th, 2006 however ended up with an unprecedented downtime of two and a half days, and a full system restore had to be made to the point right after the league matches were played. Unfortunately, for many managers this also meant losing friendly matches, and sometimes even losing the training altogether due to the lack of the lineup for the appropriate friendly and cup matches, since many mid-week matches were played with a default line-up. The same applied to the national teams, many of which had the match played with a default lineup and no team attitude/tactic settings. All transfers have also been cancelled, thus leading to teams being locked for failing to gather the required money before the deadline; fortunately, this has been amended by the HT-team who gave one additional week for such teams to collect the required finances.

For the above reason of short updates the Hattrick managers are advised to plan in ahead as much as possible, including booking your friendly early and setting a valid lineup for the friendly/cup match right after it has been booked.

Beware when you see a short update announced on the main Hattrick page!