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Short update is a planned downtime in Hattrick, serving to perform some simple maintenance tasks. Normally this is supposed to be of little importance, but, unfortunately, it has sometimes proved how the use of the term "short" can be surprisingly misleading. In some case they can last days!

Beware when you read a short update announcement on the main Hattrick page!


  • The Short update on Wednesday 12th July 2006 ended up with an unprecedented downtime of two and a half days, and a full system restore had to be made to the point right after the league matches were played.
On Tuesday 11th July 2006, during a storage upgrade, the master Hattrick database became corrupted. After limping along well into Wednesday, the Hattrick Team was forced to take the site down for more than two days to do recovery. When the damage proved too great to fix, for the second time in the history of the game, the team was forced to restore from a backup.
Fortunately, HT-team amended bankruptcy situations and teams were given one additional week to collect the required finances.
  • On Monday 23rd August 2010, Hattrick was taken down during a short update for routine maintenance the system was forced to a full restore from back up due to a buggy firmware upgrade introduced by Hattrick's disk cabinet supplier.

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