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  • Founded: 27 September 2009
  • Manager: Roadkill
  • Stadium: Grolschveste
  • Country: the Netherlands


SkateRoadkill was founded at 27 September 2009 by manager Roadkill.

In the 29th season SkateRoadkill promoted from the IX.62 division to the VIII.275 division on the 20th of december in 2009. The manager wasn't really that active in this phase of his team, but since there was virtually no resistance because almost all teams in the IX division were bots, promotion was not a problem then. In the new season Roadkill still didn't do much for his team, and SkateRoadkill placed 5th. Somewhere along the 31st season Roadkill became more active and he laid out the foundation for the club. From then on SkateRoadkill placed 4th and 2nd consecutively in seasons 31 and 32. In the 32th season SkateRoadkill almost managed to promote, but FC Chomoloko proved to be too difficult too beat and SkateRoadkill placed 2nd. In the 33rd season SkateRoadkill finally had his team up too strength, so that only he and D & G _ United (who came from the VII.531 division) had a shot at the title. D & G _ United placed first barely by scoring 2 goals at the last moment in the last match, if not the title would have gone to SkateRoadkill. Luckily for Roadkill the Bot reduction in the higher divisions had some teams that placed 2nd in the VIII division promote also to fill up empty spots in the VII division. SkateRoadkill promoted on 13 march 2011 to VII.176. Halfway the 34th season SkateRoadkill managed to obtain the 2nd place, the result has to be seen yet.

Individual Honors

Michal Niemancewicz - Topscorer of Division VIII.275 in Season 33

Friendly Cups

SkateRoadkill participates in friendly cups, but only in the Lower BeNe Cup, a friendly cup of the 'United Football Organization' Federation. SkateRoadkill managed to take the cup for the first time in the 33rd season. This was also the first time a Dutch team took the price. SkateRoadkill came and took this price again in the 34rd season, also being the first team overall and the first Dutch team that takes the price two times in a row.