Slovenian elections for World Cup XIX

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The Slovenian elections for World Cup XIX final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XIX . The final rounds will be played in Crna Gora .

Place Manager Votes
1 SYSKonfigg resigned 57
2 _Ana_ name change to K1NGMRDA 27
3 Retired user 26
4 Salinho 4
5 balbazor100 1
6 Retired user 1
7 Dobljan 0
8 adidasovec 0
9 celec1 0

More info

User SYSKonfigg got the relative majority of the votes, 57, but resigned on the Sunday before elections' end, so got elected the user with the second most votes: _Ana_ (who changed name to K1NGMRDA afterwards).

Candidate speech

Ker enostavno żelim biti prva selektorka v zgodovin Sloveniji! Čeprav nimam šanc :$

Več v nitki.

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