Slovenská Federácia Manažérov

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Slovenská Federácia Manažérov (14048)
Slovenská Federácia Manažérov
Chief Officer Mod-Dragstan
Founding date 21-10-2004
Members 146 (on 30-01-06)
Languages Čestina

Slovenská Federácia Manažérov (SFM) is the biggest federation Slovensko and has more than 250 members. The main goal of all activities is the continual improvement of Slovak Hattrick Community. The Board of SFM is in charge of the fed's administration (5 federation members selected in an election). Most important activities are/were:

  1. Slovak translation of Hattrick site
  2. Marketing activities to get more slovak users
  3. SFM cup
  4. International friendly matches against users in another country
  5. National meeting of Hattrick fans in Banská Bystrica