Spartak Carzola'

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Spartak Carzola' is an italian team managed by Facundo83


Spartak carzola' was founded on October 23th, 2007.


Season League Cup
season 34 5th in IX.1831 -
season 35 4th in IX.1831 -
season 36 Division IX.PNGChampion in IX.1831 -
season 37 Division VIII.PNGChampion in VIII.2014 -
season 38 Division VII.PNGChampion in VII.476 1st round
season 39 2nd in VI.336 4th round
season 40 2nd in VI.336 5th round
season 41 Division VI.PNGChampion in VI.336 8th round
season 42 Division V.PNGChampion in V.223 5th round
season 43 Division IV.PNGChampion in IV.63 8th round
season 44 2nd in III.10 9th round
season 45 Division III.PNGChampion in III.10 11th round
season 46 Division III.PNGChampion in III.10 12th round
season 47 in II.1 9th round