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Season 72

Arsenal1886 is the manager of Danish team Spentrup IF, champion of Hattrick Masters XXXXIV and also finalist in the following edition.

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Hattrick Masters
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Interview with Hattrick Masters Champion of the last season

Written by SamanB (12516505) (21/08/2019 09:53)

Arsenal1886 is the current holder of the Hattrick Masters title. He is playing Hattrick almost from game's beginnings and won the masters by beating Rodenburcht in the final match.

Let's talk with this Danish champion, and also a very loyal user, who is ready to play tomorrow his second HM final in a row.

1- Hy, champ! Introduce yourself and let us know you more.

My name is Heine and I live in a small village of Spentrup, in Denmark. I have played football nearly all my life as an amateur and I have great fun with it. I have been in Aalborg and Copenhagen but I'm now settled near Vejle with my girlfriend and a boy.

2- You are playing for 16 years, that's awesome! What is the reason you kept playing it for so long?

I started playing with some of my teammates in B52 (Football club in Aalborg) and they talked about it. Dupper is the only other active user back from those days. Why I am still here? I do not know. In periods I find it a little boring and I just kept making money and in other periods I find it fun and build a team to compete. But I think I will miss it if I stop, so I continue 16 years more at least.

3- How and with what kind of training did you start? Have you planned to be The Hattrick Masters champion?

I started with defending. At a time I bought a lot of U-20 midfielders (five in total). And then gave them some passing. But I have also done some scoring training and then playmaking. No, I have not calculated on anything and had just aimed to go as far as possible.

4- You are the master of elimination matches! You have never been in the First league of Denmark, is there any reason for that?

It will be the next target. But I poorly focus on the league when a result in the Cup or Masters is possible. But I also had luck in this. Also without luck, you do not win the masters title. As an example my biggest 5-0 victory in the masters this season should have been a defeat. It was possible at the start of the match.

5- Have you any plan for the future? What are those?

Get the last out of this team, 2-3 seasons more. Then start building a new team and generating funds. Maybe train one or two Danish national player/s in my way back to 6th division.

6- Do you want to be Coach in any NT or U-20 team?

I have no plan for that. My commitment and online time will not be good. So there are at least 1000 more committed managers than me, that can take a job for the national team.

7- What defects do you think Hattrick has? What is your suggestion to make Hattrick more popular and better?

I think for a lot of new users the game speed could be a problem. But I would like the division system, it is made complete. But something like 1 first division, 1 second division, 2 third division, 4 fourth division will be more like real-world leagues. Then all first teams could also be directly promoted and the second teams could play for promotion. It will also make the need for bot teams lesser. Anyway, I know large countries will have a lot of leagues this way.

8- Do you think Hattrick had any effect on your real life?

Not now, as I only use limited time for fun. But when I started it had some impact, as I was up in the night to buy a specific player in a small country no one else had found to get him cheap, that had some influence on my real life. Yes back then you could only do a transfer search in one country at a time.

9- What are your most memorable and unforgettable moments in Hattrick?

It must be when Saftevand (7660474) won the U-20 championship with Denmark. It was the first time I was active on the forum and followed an NT team.

10- What do you say to the ones who want to be like you?

You need to be patient, stick to the plan and have a lot of luck :-)

11- If there is a question that I haven't asked, or there's anything you want yo say, It will be great if you mention it.

I am glad to play Hattrick and think there has been a lot of good development since I started. Back then, it was a totally other game, where I think the online time was more important.

Thanks to Heine for talking to us and thank you all for reading.