Stiphout Vooruit

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Stiphout Vooruit (20888)
Stiphout Vooruit
Managed by Frankie

LocationNoord-Brabant Nederland
ArenaHet Molenven
Fan ClubDe Tri

Stiphout Vooruit is the most succesful Dutch team, it is managed by Frankie. In Dutch seasons 3 to 8 SV dominated, and won 6 successive league titles. In seasons 3,4 and 7 the KNVB Beker was also won. Frankie managed to stay in the Eredivisie for 12 seasons. But after that he became less active and dropped with his team to the seventh division. In season 21 he became more active and claimed the title in the VII.995 without dropping a single point. Two seasons later he also claimed promotion to the fifth division, but during season 25 all players were sold, and were replaced by players that tend to lose even to bot teams.


  • Season 1 III.1 (season 1 data lost)
  • Season 2 II.4
  • Season 3 Eredivisie and KNVB Beker
  • Season 4 Eredivisie and KNVB Beker
  • Season 5 Eredivisie
  • Season 6 Eredivisie
  • Season 7 Eredivisie and KNVB Beker
  • Season 8 Eredivisie
  • Season 21 VII.995
  • Season 23 VI.420