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SV United

SV United (147714)
SV United
Managed by S_Vlieger
Club information
LocationGelderland Nederland
ArenaS. Vlieger-stadion
Fan ClubThe Easterns

SV United was founded in November 2003. The club started in VII.758 in season 10. At that time, there were 8 divisions in Holland. United became champion of VII.758 in season 12 and promoted to VI.8. Unfortunately the team relegated in season 14.
Without losing a match (only one draw) United became champion in VII.302, season 15.
Nowadays the club is playing in VI.576.

Prize Shelf

Champion VII.758, season 12Champion VII.302, season 15

Friendly Cups

  • HT Cup (16 teams) - Runner-Up
  • HT Cup II (64 teams) - Eliminated in 1/8 finals
  • LFC League (16 teams) - Eliminated in group phase
  • The Hellraisers Cup VI (78 teams) - Eliminated in 1/8 finals
  • The Hellraisers Cup VII (78 teams) - Ended on 5th place