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Neighbourhood and Federation text

I removed the following text:

The most famous Part of Berlin is Kreuzberg, the home of the much feared 1.Mai Konsortium, which is one of the best german feds.

Every season the 1. Mai Konsortium hosts a federation-battle, called Capital-Battle, against another fed.

These are the battles so far:

Season 26 vs. Kaderschmiede Friedrichshain Season 27 vs. London Hattrick Association Season 28 vs. Kaderschmiede Friedrichshain Season 29 no Battle Season 30 vs. Hernalser Hattrick Verband from Vienna/AUT Season 31 vs.

The 1. Mai Konsortium never lost a battle so far ... and this will not change in the future.

Neighbourhoods are not represented by HT and shouldn't be included in a region article (especially described with terms such as "most famous" etc.). Although the neighbourhood exists and may be the most popular, it's inapproprate content. As far as federations, they should be given their own article and linked to from the region page if they are region specific federations. Check out the region page for New York as an example.

--SassineFC 22:47, 10 March 2007 (UTC)