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Page needs to be fixed up with fancier better organized tables.

Any ideas as to which currency the wiki should use as a standard?

in my opinion it needs to be €, because the biggest HT community uses/plays in countries with € as standard :)

Would Agree that USD / EUR should be the default, with links to this page where needed

relative rate does not match the examples

The relative rate of converting one currency to another is based on the difference between that currency and the ""swedish kr"", and the examples use the ""US$"" as a reference. For example, it currently shows:

España 10 100 € = 100 US$

and I think it leads to confusion, since the €/$ comparison does not reflect that ratio (10). In my opinion, we should decide what currency to use as an standard for this wiki, there is a number of places were this issue might arise (basically all places where money is involved), and by adopting a standard currency a lot of minor editions can be prevented. I would suggest ""euro"" (€), since in my opinion it is the most used currency in the HT world. --duno7 19:18, 25 November 2005 (UTC)

I agree. The Euro is the Hattrick standard and should be reflected in the wiki. We need to establish this consistently though. --Idiiot 01:11, 26 November 2005 (UTC)

The redirects off the $ and euro symbol are a cool idea. {OgtheDim)

Yes, I agree. Please somebody change the reference currency from USD to EUR. /HT-Mattias

I have just changed the table values so they refer to €. The conversion rate had been adjusted, and the examples have been changed as well so they always compare to 100€. Please check the values as there was some manual-editing involved! --duno7 17:23, 28 November 2005 (UTC)