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In the Pro-section for defending training is one argument the profits. It is said defending is traditionally the most profitable. Probably this is not true any more for several reasons:

1. Training profits are generally affected by the lower prices per skill. A formidable defender without any sideskills was sold in season 27 (Germany) around 850.000 €. This season 28 the typical price is around 550.000 €.

1.2. This affects all primary skills, except wingers at the moment.

2. Skilltrading with defenders is more crowded than any other skilltrading (forwards maybe similar). Profits did shrink. Subskills from young solids are paid.

3. With shrinking profits out of training the success in the league and cup becomes economically more important. Defense training was only more profitable than playmaking when playing 5-x-x in each and every game.

3.1. Let's say average age of trainees 19yo. Trainer solid, 9/1 co's. 1 Skillup = 9 weeks. With 10x14 + 2x5 there are 150 training units / 9 = 16,67 Skillups/per season with defending.

3.2. Same for playmaking, but 8 weeks. 6x14 + 3x2 + 14x4/2 + 2x4/2 = 122/8 = 15,25

3.3. As the difference per skill is bigger for playmaking, playmaking is in the long run more profitable.

3.4. Nearly all defender trainers in higher leagues (IV+) and most defender trainer in all other leagues rarelay play 5-x-x in the league or in the cup (sure wins and losses). Try to play some friendlies with 5-x-x and You know why. So profits by training shrink for the sake of league and cup runs.

3.5. The higher income by fans and attendance in all other training types has to be accounted for.