Talk:Luxembourg elections for World Cup X

From Hattrick

Issue with lemma... before I continue any further and force you to move around numerous articles...

Lemma form correct? I wanted to take x elections for World Cup y or x elections for U20 World Cup y (where x = adjective for the country's name and y = the number of the concerned World Cup), ok like that? The current formats (France, Ceska republica, USA) are various and I think we should stay consistent there. (btw: saved all the results of the elections for World Cup X, so no hurry there)

If you are going to create a mass of these pages you're free to use this format. I think it's the clearest way to present the title. I'll change the others once there are more of these articles. --Jhattara 07:46, 5 July 2007 (UTC)