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I quote an extract from the original wikipedia project :

« NPOV (Neutral Point Of View) is a fundamental Wikipedia principle which states that all articles must be written from a neutral point of view, representing views fairly and without bias. This includes maps, reader-facing templates, categories and portals. According to Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales, NPOV is "absolute and non-negotiable." »

Naming a common tactic with a people name is far from neutral, especially since such a denomination is quite confidential. (At least it is unknown in France.)

So I changed the name from « Norwegian tactics » to a more neutral and explicit name « Offensive defenders tactic ».


I disagree on two points:
1) Naming a common tactic with a people name can be NPOV, e.g., in this Wikipedia article.
2) «Offensive defenders tactic» is more explicit, but also unaccurate, since it gives the impression that only the defenders, and not the midfield, is used offensively. Zigkill 22:38, 1 July 2006 (UTC)

As the original author of this article i'm sorry to say that this changes are nonsense. I wrote this to explain the meaning of an EXISTING TERM and this term is "Norwegian tactic". Maybe thos term is not used in all countries, but you can read it in global and when people do, they might want to come here and read about it. And what's probably most important calling this tactic "Offensive defenders tactic" is completely misleading. Beacuse of this reasons i have to cancel this changes. stranger_2


Zigkill> Yes, such denominations do exist, and I don’t deny that the term Norwegian tactics may be used by some groups. You can notice that there is a whole chapter just about this denomination. ;)

About the accuracy, well, when I look at the article, I read « concentrates on boosting midfield and/or attack at expense of defence. » It doesn’t speak about anything else, especially about offensive midfields. But it speaks about wingers toward middle, and I guess an offensive inner midfield can’t compete with an offensive winger in the attack ratings. ;)

stranger_2> As I wrote above, there is a whole chapter about your denomination for this tactic. No harm here. ;)

Well, anyway I won’t fight against you, if you think your point of view is the reference, well, I will live with that...


Special events

Although these tactics are new to me as explained here and I have not tried them, shouldn't the article mention something about special events? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you score 5 out of 6 chances and the opponent scores all of his 4 (due to lack of defense) AND get a special event resulting in a goal, that would make it a draw. / 22:33, 29 July 2006 (UTC)