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Matching [Quick] defenders & attackers

"Some of the events that lead to a scoring chance are influenced by opposition players, sometimes leading to "game-planning" (as in using a technical player against a head defender, or matching a quick defender against a quick attacker)."

Doesn't the way how this is described lead to the idea that it matters where you line up your [Technical] attacker, or [Quick] defender? To my knowledge it is at best under debate whether such matters. Many think that having a [Technical] attacker works against all [Head] midfielders and defenders. Moreover, to my knowledge to determine whether a [Quick] chance gets blocked a random midfielder/defender gets chosen, which could be [Quick] indeed. However, it could be that the [Quick] winger on the right gets blocked by the [Quick] wingback on the other side of the field. Or is that a wrong observation? --Oligarf 08:42, 24 August 2007 (UTC)