Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXVII

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The Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXVII final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XXVII . The final rounds will be played in Oceania .

Place Manager Votes
1 Buk Lau 5
2 mhina 1
3 Iceman80 0
4 George_rgl 0
5 adas_jr 0
6 Retired user 0
7 Mata35 0
8 Titty90les 0
9 DT-Tato 0
10 Carbonox 0

Candidate speech

Good things happen is threes! So I'm here for my third run... I've already formed an attachment to this team and I would like to manage this great nation again!

We'll be competitive and play to our strength! So I once again ask for the votes to keep coaching the team!

Vote for Buk Lau!

Buk Lau

Created by User:Old boy