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Team*O (812039)
managed by Timoow
Full name Team*O
Nickname Black Stars
Founded September 12, 2012
Ground Garoeda Stadium(Capacity: 12 000)
Location Utrecht, Nederland
Fanclub The Dusts
Coach Rikus Westelaken
League VII.370
Place not available yet
updated on: 23rd of December 2009

Team*O isa Hattrick footballteam from Nederland, based at the Garoeda Stadium in Utrecht. This team, founded on the 12th of September 2012, followed from the dusts of what was once called Team-O.That team was declared bankrupt in mid-2012, due to incredible debts. A few months later moneylenders breathe new life into Team-O.

Team History

Season League KNVB Beker Trophies
39 4th in VIII.209 1st round none
40 2nd in VIII.209 1st round none*
41 3rd in VII.370 1st round none
42 2nd in VII.370 2nd round none*
43 8th in VI.502 2nd round none
44 2nd in VII.593 1st round none*
45 6th in VI.225 1st round none
46 6th in VI.225 1st round none
47 6th in VI.225 2nd round none

* Team*O got a bonus-promotion because they were one of the best performing second placed teams.


Current Squad

Teamfoto seizoen 40
  1. Netherlands Jimmy Ruiter
  2. Netherlands Arjan Ernes
  3. France Nicolas Sauvage
  4. Germany Helmut Dutter
  5. Netherlands Wybo Voorn
  6. Turkey Mutlu Cuzhan
  7. Netherlands Koos Oster
  8. Netherlands Martijn Bremer
  9. Netherlands Lars van Dinteren
  10. Netherlands Gerard Vastbinder
  11. Netherlands Noud Kraneveld


  1. Denmark Nikolai Ronde
  2. Germany Felix Baysel
  3. Netherlands Edo Kooiker
  4. Netherlands Almar Schutte
  5. Netherlands Ray Baardman



All players ever

1-15 16-30 31-32 xx-xx
Netherlands Adriaan Ellenbroek Netherlands Leon Woudstra Netherlands Wybo Voorn
Netherlands Almar Schutte Netherlands Martijn Bremer Netherlands Yoon Bikkersma
Netherlands Arjan Ernes Turkey Mutlu Cuzhan
Netherlands Bjorn van de Koppel France Nicolas Sauvage
Netherlands Eddie van Reemst Denmark Nikolai Ronde
Netherlands Edo Kooiker Netherlands Noud Kraneveld
Germany Felix Baysel Netherlands Ray Baardman
Netherlands Gerard Vastbinder Italy Renato Pietro Roccucci
Germany Helmut Dutter Netherlands Rik van der Camp
Netherlands Hilbert Graaf Netherlands Sieb Handgraaf
Netherlands Bertus Heetla Netherlands Jan-Joep van Ulft
Netherlands Jimmy Ruiter Italy Stefano Dido
Netherlands Karst Pracht Netherlands Tammo Keijsers
Denmark Karsten Gron Nielsen Netherlands Thimo van Lammeren
Netherlands Koos Oster Netherlands Timme Spanhaak
Netherlands Lars van Dinteren Netherlands Tommie van der Ham

Club topscorers


# Player # Goals
1 Netherlands Noud Kraneveld 27
2 Netherlands Gerard Vastbinder 26
3 Netherlands Lars van Dinteren 24
4 France Nicolas Sauvage 13
Netherlands Martijn Bremer 13
6 Netherlands Wybo Voorn 11
Netherlands Koos Oster 11
8 Turkey Mutlu Cuzhan 8
Netherlands Rik van der Camp 8
Germany Felix Baysel 8
Netherlands Arjan Ernes 8

Per Season

#Season Player #Goals Ranking
39 Netherlands Noud Kranenveld 12 5th
40 Netherlands Gerard Vastbinder 17 1st
41 Netherlands Bjorn van den Koppel 8 4th
42 Netherlands Martijn Bremer/Bjorn van den Koppel 5 1st
43 Brazil Atila Sotero 9 7th
44 Netherlands Bjorn van den Koppel 5 9th
45 Netherlands Bjorn van den Koppel/Martijn Bremer 5 7th
46 Netherlands Bjorn van den Koppel 13 4th
47 Sweden Inge Josefsson 9 5th


  • Netherlands Rikus Westelaken (s.39-??)

The Stadium

The Garoeda Stadion (literally: Eagle Stadium) is the official Stadium of Team*O. It's settled in the suburbs of Utrecht. The capacity of this stadium is 12 000. On the 1st of May 2013 the construction of 4410 new seats in the stadium. The activities concerning the construction will continue till the 13th of May, when the new seats will be due.


Team*O's youth district is called "Timootjes" (little Timo's) after their manager coach Timoow. The training location of Timootjes is "De Kramp" (The Cramp), the same complex that was used for the youth district of Team-O earlier. Timootjes played it's first match on 19 september 2012, existing from a bunch of schoolkids and the first scouted player, and first captain of Timootjes. The first scouted player and first captain of Timootjes was Nout Almaeren.

Raised Players

  • Nout Almaeren defender
  • Adriaan Ellenbroek defender
  • Eldert Duivenvoorden defender
  • Sieb Handgraaf midfielder