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Atletico Bresaola (1043706)
ATB logo.png
The fox
Club signs
ATBcasa2.PNG ATBtrasferta2.PNG
ColoursColori sociali.png Green, black, orange and white
Club data
CountryItaly Italy
Foundation May 19th 2010; 35 seasons ago
ManagerItaly Nebbiolo_
Series V.32, Season 56 Series VI.606, Season 54 Series VI.625, Season 52 Series VII.308, Season 51 Series VIII.1199, Season 69 Series X.1101, Season 44
Staff Tecnico
Head coachItaly Damiano Mezzetti Ht star.png
Assistant coachItaly Sergio Rainato
Assistant coachItaly Livio Traverso
Youthclub coachItaly Paolo Furlani Ht star.png
Club doctorItaly Rolando Ascenzi
Financial directorItaly Pancrazio Rebolini Ht star.png
Head scoutItaly Alberto Torri Ht star.png
ScoutItaly Gino Piccoli Ht star.png
ScoutItaly Franco Brun Ht star.png
SecretaryItaly Carlo Tabacchi
StadiumCampo 22 Maggio
(60.000 seats)
Campo 22 Maggio
Youthclub stadium Via del Campo
(300 seats)

Atletico Bresaola is an Italian Hattrick club headquartered in Lombardia, founded on May 19th 2010 by Nebbiolo_. The club at the moment is playing in the league VII.750; it holds six official trophies and is coached by Damiano Mezzetti Ht star.png.

Club's colours are: green, white, orange and black. Togheter they compose the verdecerchiata shirt. The club's simbol is a fox. The youthclub is called Tagli Scelti.

Between Atletico Bresaola and the friend club Marrapolese Magnifier.png is played (not regularly) the prestigious Trofeo 34, an unofficial single game competition. Also noteworthy is the friendship with the Ligurian formation of the U.S. Borgonoli Magnifier.png , which was invited to the friendly match commemorating the ten years of the first verdecerchiati match.


Atletico Bresaola plays its home matches at Campo 22 Maggio. The stadium, inaugurated in 2010 on the date from which it takes the name (an extremely significant day for the history of both Atletico Bresaola and Inter) originally provided for 12,000 seats, but has been expanded to the current capacity of 60,000 spectators. The name of Campo however remained to give honour to the tradition. The Youthclub matches are played at Via del Campo, a small pitch located next to the main stadium.


The Ultras group that occupies the North Side of the Campo 22 Maggio is called "Battaglione Punta d'Anca", and currently has 1799 members.

The memorable celebration in the occasion of the victory of the V series was legendary. In the game of November 8th, 2014 Ht star.png against Piccola Pro, the smoke that rose from the smoke bombs of the 60,000 supporters of the home team soared so high that it was seen in Switzerland.

History of the Club


Season Series Results Cup stages Other
42 IX.1444 7 Red arrow.png - -
43 X.1101 3 - -
44 X.1101 Decima.PNG Green Arrow Up.svg.png - -
45 IX.1535 2 Green Arrow Up.svg.png - -
46 VIII.1145 5 1 -
47 VIII.1145 8 Red arrow.png 1 -
48 IX.805 2 Green Arrow Up.svg.png - -
49 VIII.1394 2 - -
50 VIII.1394 2 Green Arrow Up.svg.png 2 -
51 VII.308 Division VII.PNG Green Arrow Up.svg.png 3 -
52 VI.625 Division VI.PNG Green Arrow Up.svg.png 5 -
53 V.09 5 Red arrow.png Ht star.png 3 -
54 VI.606 Division VI.PNG Green Arrow Up.svg.png 2 -
55 V.32 4 2 -
56 V.32 Division V.PNG Green Arrow Up.svg.png Ht star.png 2 4° Coppa Appennini round
57 IV.57 4 3 -
58 IV.57 6 Red arrow.png Ht star.png 4 -
59 V.9 8 Red arrow.png 2 -
60 VI.688 8 Red arrow.png 2 -
61 VII.1024 7 Red arrow.png - -
62 VIII.1398 2 Ht star.png - -
63 VIII.1398 3 - -
64 VIII.1398 4 - -
65 VIII.1398 2 Green Arrow Up.svg.png Ht star.png - -
66 VII.175 8 Red arrow.png - -
67 VIII.556 2 Green Arrow Up.svg.png Ht star.png - -
68 VII.282 7 Red arrow.png - -
69 VIII.1199 Division VIII.PNG Green Arrow Up.svg.png - -
70 VII.2 5 Red arrow.png Ht star.png - -
71 VIII.444 2 Green Arrow Up.svg.png Ht star.png - -
72 VII.750 5 - -
73 VII.750 3 Ht star.png - -
74 VII.750 3 Ht star.png - -
- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -

The foundation and the first trophy (seasons 42-44)

The team was founded on May 19th, 2010 (season 42) and it was taken over in IX, already in the relegation zone. The first year, which ended with a seventh place and the consequent relegation, and the second - a third place in X (43) - were used by the new management to set up a project.

During the third season (44) the sporting miracle occurred: the young team was the protagonist of a memorable ride, which began with an away defeat Ht star.png by FC Sicuzzo and then continued with a draw and twelve wins, culminating on the last day with a 2-3 away triumph Ht star.png on the field of the same FC Sicuzzo, in an unforgettable match that delivered the first trophy of its history to the team, which surpassed its defeated rivals by one point at the photo finish. Franco Del Chicca's gol and the double of the Swiss Bernd Weissbrodt allowed the captain Alberto Torri to raise the X series cup to heaven.

Between IX and VIII (seasons 45-50)

The season 45, ended with ten victories, two draws and two defeats, resulted in an unexpected second place with immediate promotion. The team, still an open yard, thus found itself in VIII, where it wandered during the season 46 obtaining a fifth place. During the following season, however (season 47) the team gave way and sank to eighth place, thus returning to IX.

What could have been a point of no return, however, marked the turning point: in the following three seasons (48,49 and 50) the team got three consecutive second places, obtaining two promotions and thus appearing for the first time in VII.

The climb from VII to IV (seasons 51-56)

Paolo Tonon, unforgettable goalscorer

The team faced VII in the season 51 without reverential fears and it turned out to be a steamroller: thirteen consecutive victories and one painless defeat in the last matchday led it to the second promotion in a row and to raise the VII trophy to heaven.

During the season 52 the tale took on the outlines of a miracle, in the name of the number 14: 14 out of 14 victories in the league, with 78 goals scored and 23 conceded, and 14 points adrift of the second classified, delivered "foxes" to history. The top scorer of the season was Paolo Tonon, with 20 goals scored. The verdecerchiati also reached the fifth round of Coppa Italia, the best result in the history of the team, so far.

In the season 53 Atletico fought with honor in a very difficult V, managing to get a fifth and therefore deserving the playouts. The playout against the Pecadores ended with a 3-6 Ht star.png that left no room for complaint, and the team returned to VI.

The season 54 was a further show of the strength of the verdecerchiati, which with twelve successes and two draws won the VI for the second time and immediately returned to V. This time Sergio Rainato, with 16 goals, managed to win the top scorer prize.

The V confirmed once again to be a difficult series for the foxes, which however reached a safe fourth place during the season 55.

The season 56 instead was the season of glory: a memorable ride led the team to win the V with a day in advance, dragged by the once again top scorer Sergio Rainato (14 goals). The playoff was only a formality: Atletico Bresaola destroyed the Aracataca by 1-5 Ht star.png thanks to a wild Paolo Tonon's poker. The foxes thus reached the highest point in their history.

Soccer Field Transparant.png

12 Kalovčić (GK)
13 Askengård
2 Spalding
7 Furlani (C)
10 Brun
The starting lineup (2-5-3) of the first golden age

The two seasons in IV and the end of the golden age (seasons 57-58)

The IV proved immediately to be a mountain to climb, but the season 57 ended with a well-deserved fourth place, with Sergio Rainato once more star of the series and winner of the top scorer award for the fifth consecutive time, an absolute record.

In the following year (season 58) everything happened: a series of unfortunate defeats led the team to aim for the playouts, which were conquered with some effort. In the playout game Ht star.png against DLR Group, however, the coup de grace arrived: a dominated game ended with a very unfortunate 4-4, which, after a goalless extra time, led to penalties. The hopes of the verdecerchiati crashed into the post of the last penalty, leaving a bitter taste that will hardly be forgotten by the fans.

With the relegation to V, also because of the disappointment of the penalties defeat, the president was convinced to start a radical re-foundation. All the heroes of the previous seasons were sold, and fans were asked to wait for a few seasons while investments in the youth sector were boosted. So ended the first period of the club's splendor, which will be remembered for the spectacular 2-5-3, the many goals and above all for the main carachters of this era: the muscular midfield formed by Biagio Arcolin, Alcide Santi and Massimiliano Mario Bellavista and the attacking trio, which became a mantra for the fans: Paolo Tonon, Franco Brun and Sergio Rainato.

The long darkness (seasons 59-73)

From season 59 began the refoundation: the relegation of that year and the ones of seasons 60 and 61 were the normal consequence of this choice, as well as the floating in VIII, with a second place (with a playoff defeat, Ht star.png), a third place and a fourth place, during seasons 62, 63 and 64. In the season 65, after a second place in the league and a defeat in the playoffs Ht star.png, the team was promoted ex officio in VII, while the season 66 ended with an eighth place and direct relegation to VIII. Season 67 saw a further second place with ex officio promotion in VII after the playoff defeat Ht star.png, but the further seventh place of the season 68 led to a new relegation in VIII. In the season 69, the easy victory of the VIII.1199 series and the return to gain a trophy were only the demonstration that the team was ready to raise its head from the ashes of oblivion. The economic situation of the team, more and more flourishing, was beginning to give hope for a new dawn. In the season 70, after finishing the championship in fifth place and having played a playout Ht star.png, the team was inevitably relegated. In season 71, however, after finishing in second place and winning the playoff Ht star.png, the team returned to VII, where it stayed with a fifth place in the season 72 and a third place in season 73, with a defeat in the playoffs Ht star.png.

This long and dark period of transition in the history of the team, characterized by the development of young players, the training and the creation of a stable economic base for future development, will be remembered by fans mainly as the era of Gino Piccoli , an extraordinary head coach able to accept the thankless role of accompanying the team in anything but glorious years.

A new project (seasons 74-?)

Season 74 was the turning point. The club decided that the time had come: the solid economic and corporate structures created in the dark period made it possible to slowly attempt a new climb. It was decided to base all the future developments on two raw talents of the youthclub: Augusto Mencherini and Marzio Fiumi, who were promoted to become the future wingers of the team. The goalkeeper Damiano Mezzetti was promoted as head coach, and a new phase was inaugurated by the president, giving hope to the fans. However, it was not yet time to compete. In the championship, a quiet third place was reached, with a painless defeat in the promotion playoff Ht star.png. The team arrived exhausted to the playoff after the legendary celebrations of the day before for the tenth anniversary of the club's first game (and Inter's "triple") [1] with the friend team U.S. Borgonoli as a starring partner.

Coaches' chronicle

Nat. Coach Seasons in the team Trophies Cuore.PNG Link

Denmark Carsten Bo Christensen 4 (44-47) Serie X.1101, Stagione 44 - (40400686)
Italy Mario Majer 9 (48-56) Serie VII.308, Season 51 Serie VI.625, Season 52 Serie VI.606, Season 54 Serie V.32, Season 56 - (58085213)
Sweden Tomas Vesterer 5 (56-60) - - (207973301)
Italy Gino Piccoli 13 (60-74) Serie VIII.1199, Season 69 - (272886255)

Italy Damiano Mezzetti 3 (74-?) - - (290230742)

Team's actual roster

N. Role Player
1 Portugal GK Lauro Carta Ht star.png
5 Italy IM Marco Guardamagna Ht star.png
6 Italy W Filippo Deserti Cuore2.PNG Ht star.png
7 Italy W Marzio Fiumi Cuore2.PNG Ht star.png
8 Italy W Augusto Mencherini Cuore2.PNG Ht star.png
9 Italy W Sergio Lunassi Ht star.png
13 Italy FW Mauro Beccaria Ht star.png
16 Italy WB Nicolò Astore Cuore2.PNG Ht star.png
21 Italy WB Fabrizio Ribet Cuore2.PNG Ht star.png
24 Italy WB Nico Tironi Cuore2.PNG Ht star.png
29 Italy FW Graziano Sanguineti Ht star.png
30 Colombia WB Carlos Nariño Ht star.png
N. Ruolo Giocatore
31 Italy IM Alberto Dirminti Ht star.png
32 Italy IM Nicola Giacomolli Ht star.png
35 Germany IM Olaf Plage Ht star.png
37 Italy IM Francesco Capossela Ht star.png
38 France IM Tariq Taqui Ht star.png
62 Italy WB Cataldo Scarpelli Ht star.png
90 Italy WB Celestino Zigoni Ht star.png
99 Italy GK Eusebio Acciaioli Cuore2.PNG Ht star.png
Italy COACH Damiano Mezzetti Ht star.png

Historical heroes of the team

Nat. Number Player's name Official appearances Official goals Scored hattricks Role Seasons in the team U20/NT appearances
Italy 18 Alberto Torri Cuore3.PNG Ht star.png 90 24 0 W 13 (42-54) 0/0
Italy 4 Biagio Arcolin Cuore3.PNG Ht star.png 176 45 1 IM 11 (48-58) 0/0
Italy 6 Alcide Santi Cuore3.PNG Ht star.png 160 42 0 IM 11 (48-58) 0/0
Italy 9 Paolo Tonon Ht star.png 148 116 12 FW 10 (47-56) 0/0
Italy 11 Sergio Rainato Ht star.png 112 92 6 FW 8 (51-58) 0/0
Italy 10 Franco Brun Ht star.png 165 87 2 TDF 12 (47-58) 0/0

Other team members to remember

Nat. Number Name of the player Official appearances Official goals Scored hattricks Role Seasons in the team U20/NT appearances
Italy 7 Paolo Furlani Ht star.png 128 45 1 W 9 (50-58) 0/0
Italy 5 Massimiliano Mario Bellavista Ht star.png 129 58 2 IM 9 (50-58) 0/0
Italy 8 Norberto Duatti Ht star.png 102 36 0 W 8 (51-58) 0/0
Italy 14 Livio Traverso Cuore3.PNG Ht star.png 84 18 0 WB 6 (48-54) 0/0
Italy 30 Domenico Quiriti Cuore3.PNG Ht star.png 41 3 0 W 13 (50-62) 0/0
Italy 34 Pancrazio Rebolini Cuore3.PNG Ht star.png 117 28 1 WB 19 (54-74) 0/0
Sweden 11 Magnus Josefsson Ht star.png 33 35 4 FW 3 (43-45) 0/0
Italy Silverio Marchesi Scout 21 (53-74) 0/0

Individual awards in club history