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Telge FC, the glorious Hattrick-club owned and maintained by hellraiser AbelC (former AbelCannabis). The story began when Abel founded the club in the midst of season 20 after some turmoil in the previous club Robin_1. The young manager Abel soon found his place in VII.50 and finished on a respectable 3rd place. In the following season Telge FC fought, won, prevailed and crushed every poor team in the league. 14 games played, 51 goals scored and only 7 conceeded made for 14 straight wins. A club record! Since then Telge FC has gone through VI.956 in 2 seasons, gone up and down through the Div.VI and Div.V. The difficulty in going from division VI to division V is widely spread and the young Telge-squad faced the hardships of defeat in seasons 24 and 26.

The turning point came when the clubs leader and star of all time, David Flamling left the club for the enormous sum of 56 million swedish crowns (The equivalent to about 6 million €). This helped Abel fund a reconstruction of the arena and investing alot of money in improving the squad. Season 28, the current, is the most glorious season for Telge yet. As a newcomer in V.499 the team was expected to fight over the relegation places in the league but against all odds the team won, and they won indeed. Finishing in first place they are soon facing a qualification game and the chance of promotion to division IV.

The season in division IV proved to be too much for Abel, who retired from the game for about 6 months. Telge FC's fanclub is called 15 000 kusiners klubb , (in english 15.000 cousins club), a homage to the large syrian/assyrian community in Abel's hometown Södertälje.

The supporters of the club are vast and mighty: Assyria Masters FC , Atletico Ali , Jimi James and The Blue Flames , Blackpool FC , Rotan Rangers , and last but certainly not least the famous hellraisers of Rockers International F. C..

Even though Telge FC is long gone, AbelC nowadays controls a new team: Manne FC. Concept is the same, hellraising monkey Manne is new though. Manne has been compared with James Hetfield, Sid Vicious, Don Corleone, King Louie. In short, Manne is a hellraiser with influences from addictive rockstars and Cosa Nostra on Sicily and New York.