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Hattrick.png This is an official Hattrick Editorial
originally published 2006-05-06 22:57:00 by HT-Johan

It is time for us to ask everyone in Hattrick what you think about the game, about the site, the interface, about the volunteer staff and about the Hattrick team… well, basically, what you think about everything except the weather.

The survey is called the Hattrick Census 2006 and you can find it in the menu My Hattrick -> Polls. Those of you that have been around for a while, will remember that we have done similar surveys in the past, but it was several years ago now. And in any case, we have been a lot more thorough this time. The main reason for the survey is to find out what you think about Hattrick, how you play the game, how you use the community features, and how well you think we are doing our jobs. As in all surveys like this, it’s very hard to get into details – we expect several hundred thousand answers, after all. But it will be extremely valuable for the Hattrick team to see how you really feel about the game – and perhaps even more so, to see how those feelings differ between leagues or league levels, or depending on how long a user has been playing Hattrick.

The thing is, when we develop Hattrick, we base our decisions on many things. Our own vision for the game is very important. But the community has a very large influence as well. You help us spot problems, and you give us ideas for solutions and new features. Much of this discussion takes place in the forums where, at the end of the day, only a minority of users spends time and even fewer actually post. So this survey will be an important tool for us to gauge what are the real issues for the majority of users.

The enormity of Hattrick makes for some pretty amusing surprises as well! When we planned our survey, we found out that any customer survey with this amount of users responding in a single point in time, would be among the largest ever undertaken, anywhere in the world!

So we decided to add a smaller second survey, which we call the Global Football Monitor. This will be our attempt to get the biggest general interest market survey together, and the topic – of course – is the upcoming World Cup in Germany. We’ll compile the results from this and send to the media as the definitive word on what the football fans of the world think about that spectacle.

Both surveys are important for us, but we have still separated them in the Polls area so that you can decide yourself if you want to complete both. If you do, you will enter a draw for some free Hattrick thingies, and the 250 winners of this draw will be presented on July 1st. The results of the Global Football Monitor will be presented in early June. The results of the Hattrick Census will be discussed in an editorial later this summer.

We are really looking forward to hearing your opinion about Hattrick, and it will help us make the game better – so please take the time to complete the surveys! Thank you!