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Match league.png default

Linkable logo for match type
Trigger Icon Match type
l Match league.png league, series
f Icon-friendly-game.png friendly
t Tournament new logo.png tournament
ladders Icon-Ladder-game.png ladders
sm Single match.jpg single match
db Battles.png division battles
q Icon-qualification-game.png qualifier, playoff
hm Icon-master-game.png hattrick masters
cup Cup new.png national cup
ce Cupseason56 emerald.png emerald cup
cr Cupseason56 ruby.png ruby cup
cs Cupseason56 sapphire.png sapphire cup
cc Cupseason56 consolation.png consolation cup
WC Wc match icon.png world cup
U21WC Wc match icon U21.png u21 wc
NC Nc match icon.png nation cup
U21NC Nc match icon U21.png u21 nc
EC Ec match icon.png european cup
U21EC Ec match icon U21.png u21 ec
AC Ac match icon.png american cup
U21AC Ac match icon U21.png u21 ac
AfC Afc match icon.png african cup
U21AfC Afc match icon U21.png u21 afc
AsC Asc match icon.png asian cup
U21AsC Asc match icon U21.png u21 asc