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[edit] Template documentation


<!-- Date-Place/[Seed 1]/Team 1/[Leg 11]/[Leg 12]/Score 1/[Seed 2]/Team 2/[Leg 21]/[Leg 22]/Score 2 -->
<!-- semi finals -->
<!-- final -->
<!-- 3rd place -->
<!-- parameters -->

Use the parameters listed below to customize the template. For example, putting |RD1=Final Four|RD2=Championship}} in the last line will rename the 1st round to "Final Four" and the 2nd round to "Championship". The following parameter values are acceptable:

Parameter value Description
RD1=name Rename Semi-finals to name.
RD2=name Rename Final to name.
Consol=name Rename Third place to name.
seeded=yes Add seeds in front of each team.
aggregated1=yes Added two legged scores for semi-finals.
aggregated2=yes Added two legged scores for final/3rd place.
color=yes Add color for Gold, Silver & Bronze position.
3rdplace=yes Add 3rd place match.
semifinalwinner1=top Indicate winner of first semi-final (top or bottom).
semifinalwinner2=bottom Indicate winner of second semi-final (top or bottom).
finalwinner=top Indicate winner of final (top or bottom).
3rdplacewinner=bottom Indicate 3rd place match (top or bottom).


  • [Seed 1] and [Seed 2] game data are required when seeded=yes and omitted when seeded=no
  • [Leg 11], [Leg 12], [Leg 21], [Leg 22] are required when aggregated1=yes (semi-finals)and/or aggregated2=yes (final/3rd place match) and omitted when no
  • 3rd place game data is only needed when 3rdplace=yes
  • finalwinner is only needed when color=yes
  • 3rdplacewinner is only needed when 3rdplace=yes and color=yes
  • semifinalwinner1 and semifinalwinner2 are only needed when 3rdplace=no and color=yes

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