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The Texas Consortium

The Texas Consortium is the largest and 2nd oldest US regional federation. TexCon is open to all those who were born in, reside in, or love Texas. They are especially dedicated to developing and promoting a successful community of teams from the HT regions of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and Texas.

The federation is believed to be founded on February 19, 2003 by The Number Munchers. The oldest confirmed member of the federation was Group TNT who joined on February 20, 2003, but the club has since disbanded. The top federation office was claimed by the Texas Dragons (later Texas Nationals) in 2003, and passed to Los Guys in 2006. In the June 2008, following the disbandment of Los Guys, Necromongers of Oceania took control over the federation. Necromongers control of TexCon can be described as acrimonious at best. Several users objected to Oceanic control of TexCon, and were ultimately banned. Inexplicably, Necromongers stepped down from the leadership, and FC World Domination (one of the ejected members), took control of the federation. Though dispute over control of the federation ended, the damage had been done. By January, 2009, the federation's membership had fallen from nearly 70 members to under 25.

Recovery began in earnest when the manager of Angry Owls FC asked to be made Director of Recruiting and Retention. His efforts coincided well with the publicity for the Season 38 Texas Consortium Cup and by March 2009 membership has rebounded to around 40 people. Currently, kajones of kajones FC is TexCon CEO. With the help of many longstanding members, kajones is attempting to restore membership in the federation as well as improving visibility by maintaining affiliation with the USCL, an independent cup of federation cup champions.

Texas Consortium Cup

The Texas Consortium Cup was first held in season 22 and has been held every season since then. It is our opinion that the TexCon cup is the longest running cup backed by a US Federaton. TexCon VI was held with the Mid-Atlantic Community of Hattrick Owners (MACHO). TexCon XIII was held, in combination with the Oklahoma region, as the Red River Shootout. The cup is not restricted to Texas teams, but will give preference to TexCon members and teams from the three Texas HT-regions.

Cup (Season) Champion Runner Up Score Venue
I (22) Group TNT (Hou) Kingfishers (TX) 3-0 Flowershop (Hou)
II (23) Cool Hand Lukes (DFW) Kingfishers (TX) 2-1 Balcones Arena (DFW)
III (24) Group TNT (Hou) Texas Dragons (TX) 8-1 Flowershop (Hou)
IV (25) Group TNT (Hou) bunch of pies (England) 6-1 The Blade (VA)
V (26) bobsquad (DFW) bunch of pies (England) 2-1 Sporting Club Rieumo Arena (Andorra)
VI (27) bunch of pies (England) Mountaineer Soccer Club (WV) 4-1 The Flood Gate (VA)
VII (28) Cool Breezes (TX) Stickmen (TX) 3-2 Lancaster Orthopedic Stadium (PA)
VIII (29) Children of Zion (DFW) Bartenders (TX) 2-0 The Teapot (England)
IX (30) Radio Flyers (TX) UTD Assassins (DFW) 6-1 Bobbleheads Arena (OK)
X (31) Radio Flyers (TX) UTD Assassins (DFW) 3-0 Bobbleheads Arena (OK)
XI (32) UTD Assassins (DFW) White Noise (Hou) 5-2 Riverside Park (OK)
XII (33) Woodlands Elite (Hou) Hulk-A-Mania (TX) 7-1 Alexander the Great Arena (NC)
XIII (34) Brown United (OK) Lone Star FC (DFW) 2-0 The Mound (TX)
XIV (35) Massive Inferiority Complex (DFW) AustinManU (TX) 5-2 Icanodome (Hou)
XV (36) Massive Inferiority Complex (DFW) Blackness(TX) 5-2 Robert H. Goddard Stadium (TX)
XVI (37) AustinManU (TX) Firebreath (NYC) 9-1 Shawshank (DFW)
XVII (38) FC World Domination (TX) UTD Assasins (DFW) 4-1 The Hippodrome (Hou)
XVIII (39) Massive Inferiority Complex (DFW) BobbleHead FC (OK) 3-1 Upton Park (Chi)
XIX (40) Blackness (TX) Simone Gagne for Golden Boot (DFW) 2-1 Fry's Field (LA)
XX (41) Massive Inferiority Complex (DFW) Flower Mound FC (DFW) 3-1 Woodstock Arena (AL)
XXI (42) FC World Domination (TX) FC Balcones (OK) 2-0 Mueller Park (TX)
XXII (43) BobbleHead FC (Ok) kajones FC (TX) 3-1 The Hippodrome (Hou)
XXIII (44) FC World Domination (TX) Massive Inferiority Complex (DFW) 3-1 Truncator Arena (DFW)
XXIV (45) Bipedal FC (TX) The Last Ginger Fighters (MD) 8-1 USA National Soccer Stadium (WY)
XXV (46) Anaconda Fighters (WI) kajones FC (TX) 2-0 Y'Alltel Stadium (FL)
XXVI (47) United Comrades of Texas (TX) Wingnuts (TX) 6-2 Y'Alltel Stadium (FL)
XXVII (48) Chimeres (DFW) UTD Assassins (DFW) 6-1 Red Field (TX)
XXVIII (49) The Last Ginger Fighters*(MD) UTD Assassins (DFW) 2-2 Atomic Fisk Bowl (IL)
XXIX (50) A.F.C Josephine (TX) Devil Dolphins (TX) 2-3 WATERLOO (FL)
XXX (51) UTD Galaxy (DFW) The Last Ginger Fighters(MD) 6-3 Highbury (GA)