The Cammarilla

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The Cammarilla (1007288)
Managed by Tremere87
Club information
LocationZuid-Holland Nederland
ArenaHet Elysium
Fan ClubThe Kindred

The Cammarilla is a Dutch football club currently playing in the VIII.1855, the 8th Dutch Level. The Cammarilla was found on the 9th of October 2008 by Tremere87. The Cammarilla is known as an ancient and power hungry team.

Stadium, fans and sponsors

Name: The Elysium
Last improvement: 25-05-2009
Total capacity: 28.079
Terraces: 17.648
Basic seating: 6.778
Seats under roof: 3.251
Seats in VIP boxes: 402

The Arena was originaly built in 2008 with a capacity of 12.000.

The name of the stadium "The Elysium" is based on a society to which the owner and manager of the club very often goes too. Its also the shirt sponsor of the team, namely the society De Roos. De Roos is a society in Tilburg, with few but very wealthy members. For some region though, there are countless sightings of shady people coming in and out. This has however not effected the team or sponsor relationship.

In the begin of 2009 the stadium was to small for the ambitions of The Cammarilla and the owner decided that he must expand the stadium if he wants to fulfil the wishes of the fans, besides the extra income was welcome too. Between season 27 and 28 the stadium expanded from 12.000 to 28.079 places. An increasing of more than 200%! The fans of the Cammarilla are called the kindred and very from all kind of people. From wealthy upper class people to low class citizens.


The Cammarilla was founded in season 26, the start was flourishing, in the first season the Cammarilla won 13 of the 14 matches. Becoming champion with 42 points. In season 27 The cammarilla started in the 8th league. In the first season the became second. Also in season 28 and 29 the Cammarilla finished as second. However in season 29 the Cammarilla was promoted because of a bonuspromotion. For the first time in history the Cammarilla would go to the 7th division. The first year in the 7tg division (VII.278) was a hard one. The Cammarilla came in a strong league and only 3 matches for the end of the season maintenance was assured. The Cammarilla ended as number 5 with 19 points. Season 30 was also the season of huge renovation. 9 players were bought, several players were fired or sold. Season 31 proved to be the best year yet. The Cammarilla won surprisingly from opponents as Deportivo delange and bluepers. Because of these surprising victories The Cammarilla became second with 31 points. The second place in the 7th division gives the right of promotion. So The Cammarilla will play in the 6th division in season 32.

Trophies (Team)

Season Trophy
26 Division IX.png Champion of IX.643

Trophies (Players)

Season Trophy
26 Goldenboot IX.gif Glenn van der Zijden Netherlands IX.643, (22 goals)
28 Goldenboot VIII.gif Glenn van der Zijden Netherlands VIII.1855, (18 goals)

League History

The Cammarilla ended as number 2 in VII.178 (season 31)
The Cammarilla ended as number 5 in VII.278 (season 30)
The Cammarilla ended as number 2 in VIII.1855 (season 29)
The Cammarilla ended as number 2 in VIII.1855 (season 28)
The Cammarilla ended as number 2 in VIII.1855 (season 27)
The Cammarilla ended as number 1 in IX.643 (season 26)

Cup History

Thanks to the good league results of The Cammarilla, the team qualifies for the national cup in the 27th season. (so they participated for the cup in the 28th season) This is a remarkable fact for the Cammarilla. It's the first time that the Cammarilla qualifies for the Dutch cup and that only 2 seasons after the club started. In season 28 The Cammarilla reached the second round, a accomplishment, which have not been succeed ever since. In season 29 and 30 The Cammarilla were both times defeated in round one. In season 31 The Cammrilla reached the second round for the second time in history. In the first round AFC Johnny was defeated with 3-1. In the second round Fc Opperknuppels was to strong and The Cammarilla lost the match with 5-0

Famous (past) players

  • Netherlands Glenn van der Zijden
  • Germany Olaf Tannebaum
  • Italy jordan Soprano
  • Netherlands Jaan Orie
  • Netherlands Lou Voeteling
  • Sweden Pieter Jenshøj

Youth team

Since February 2009, The Cammarilla has a youth team. This youth team called The Sabbat, is found to bring youth players from the own region in the first team of the Cammarilla. Famous (past) youth players from The Sabbat are:

  • Jaan Orie (the immediate replacement of Olaf Tannebaum)
  • Murat Ince (Keeper sold to ILINOYS.

Partnership teams