The Research Federation

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The Research Federation


In late 2005 a few conscientious members of the Oceania Hattrick community (you can see their lovely faces in the logo) decided that their wasn't enough research done into the more intriguing aspects of Hattrick.

To meet the needs of the community the decided to start the Research Federation.

Some of the interesting (and startling) findings that the foundation that have discovered in the recent past:

  • Youth pulls that have been made on a full moon are 73.6% more likely to have a complementary secondary than YPs done on any other day.
  • That the rise in prices for winger trainees had a direct correlation to new users with a first name starting with S or T.
  • That the number 13 was inordinately favoured in HT. i.e a YP done at 13:13 (or 1:13pm) was at least a passable primary 85% of the time.
  • The most controversial research undertaken was into the English naming conventions of the Hattrick ratings system. It was conclusively discovered that Titanic should be higher than magical, whilst formidable should be higher than outstanding. Much to the dismay of the well credentialled research team, this discovery was poo-pooed by those in global who just wouldn't believe that the HT staff could have misled them for so long.

Despite the resistance of the wider HT community to their sterling research efforts, the members of the Research Fed remain commited to serving the HT community by doing what they do best, getting to the heart of the matter using statistics to guide them.