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the Wizards FC (206708)
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Managed by Jomani
Club information
LocationLimburg Nederland
ArenaDe Galgenberg
Fan ClubMagic Side


Manager Jomani started his Hattrick career on July 31, 2003. As soon as he got a team, he changed the team's name into the Wizards FC and moved the team to the region Limburg.

In the first season, season 9 in Nederland, the team was playing in division VII.151. The team ended the season as runner-up and was promoted to division VI.705. After a fifth place in season 10 and a third place in season 11, the team grabbed the championship in season 12 and was promoted to division V.123. A bit too soon as it seemed. The team ended fifth in season 13 and 7th in season 14 resulting in a relegation to division VI.357. Season 15 in VI.357 ended in a championship and a promotion to V.8. Season 16 in V.8 also ended in a championship and a promotion. Currently we are playing in division IV.38.




Official Website of the Wizards FC