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Thijs is manager of the Dutch team Eibergse Boys (formerly known as N.V.F.). This team was Eredivisie champion in Dutch seasons 14 and 15. EB also won the KNVB Beker twice in seasons 10 and 12. He also is a former GM.

Thijs is known for his quite special strategy. In season 11 and the current season he cuts down on salary in such a dramatical way he only can finish 8th. With his money savings and optimised training he showed a very strong come-back after his first redevelopment, with his cup win in season 12 and national titles in season 14 and 15. Whether his current redevelopment will be succesful is to be seen.

Another achievement of Thijs is the organisation of the StaThijsTiek tournament in the federation Hattrick Verslaafden Nederland. More information about StaThijsTiek can be found on the page of that federation.