Hattrick Verslaafden Nederland

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Hattrick Verslaafden Nederland (AllianceID: 1905)

Hattrick Verslaafden Nederland

The HVN is one of the oldest Dutch federations, it was founded 29th September 2002. It has a select group of very active members, the activity is logical since verslaafden means addicts. The thing that makes this federation very special is the familiar and often not very serious attitude of most members.

Schiet Maar Raak Tournooi

Since 2008 (global season 36, Dutch season 25) the federation has a tournament to add excitement to the first cup rounds. In this Schiet Maar Raak Tournooi (Just Hit The Target Tournament) managers can score points by scoring lots of goals in cup matches. Every week there is a week ranking with points attached, all managers in the federation are ranked by a formula based on their performance in the cup. Managers that are knocked out of the cup, cannot win or lose any points. After all members are knocked out of the cup, the manager with the most points is declared winner.


A few years ago the federation was famous for the StaSliceTiektoernooi (formerly known as StaThijsTiektoernooi), which was held every season. It was a tournament of Hattrick related statistics. Even now nobody knows what the actual goal of the tournament was, but every season one of the contenders wins.

The tournament dates back to the time when Thijs was still a member of the HVN (a long, long time ago) and he was the one that gathered all information and gave the contenders points in different rounds. This all resulted in a final score and a winner.


New and inactive members are called Junior Junkie, active ones JunkieXXL or they can have another function such as the very important Ballenraap Junk.

The fed has about 20 members of wich half is XXL.