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Kit Designs

Team kits
FC Smilno TJ (H)
FC Smilno TJ (A)
ŠK zipava mast (H)
ŠK zipava mast (A)
Šk Lamky Bratislava (A)
FC Kirin Ki-in
Treloi Mathimatikoi (H) Treloi Mathimatikoi (A)
Kings of Leon (H)
Kings of Leon (A)
FernetClub Arsenal... (H)
FernetClub Arsenal... (A)
cf Loop Revil (A)
SSC Zavod (H)
SSC Zavod (A)
FK Sitno B. Štiavnica (H)
FK Sitno B. Štiavnica (A)
FC Dinamo Trnava (H)
FC Dinamo Trnava (A)
TJ Štart Priekopa (H)
Fc Limex (H)
Fc Limex (A)
FC Varín (H)
FK Vyškovce Devils (H)
Vikingene (H)
Vikingene (A)
FHC WhiteWolves
Blankovo United (H)
FKMČ Dúbravka (H)
Mraveniště (H)
FK Sitno B. Štiavnica (H)
FK Sitno B. Štiavnica (A)
Impérium - Mafia v... (H)
F.C. Inter... (A)
F.C. Inter... (H)

National Teams Nigeria UAE Lubnan Pakistan (H) Pakistan (A) Trinidad & Tobago (H) Trinidad & Tobago (A)

U20 Teams

Federations ČSFF - SR ČSFF - ČR