Top scorer changes

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New way of calculating top scorer

Date of appearance: 29-03-2003, season 19

We have rebuilt the system for how the top scorers of each series are calculated. The new system is much more correct that the old system: Goals are no longer reset when a player is sold. This is most easily explained with an example.

A certain player scores 12 goals in series IV.100 early in the season. In the middle of the season, he is sold to a different club in III.44. He then scores 7 goals for his new club, in III.44.

As it turns out, no player scores more than 12 goals in his first series. Player A would then be deemed the top scorer of Series IV.100 with 12 goals, even though he currently belongs to another club. His 7 goals for his new club, would (it turns out) render him a 5th place among the top scorers of III.44.

This is the most intuitive way and normally in the real world the way top scorers are calculated. However, it is different from the old Hattrick system where the player in the example above would not have had his 12 goals in IV.100 counted.

In theory, it is possible for a player to become top scorer of two (and more) series in one season, although this is highly unlikely to happen.

Becuase of the bug last weekend that caused the top scorer notes to fail for most (although not all) leagues, we have been forced to use this system retroactively for the 42 leagues for last season. We are aware that the final winner according to the new system in a few cases is a different one from the winner according to the old system. However, this was the only way to recover he data, so we had to choose between not registering any top scorers at all for last season, or to use the new system retroactively. Since the new system is likely to give the same result for about 98% of all series, we decided to use the new system retroactively for the 42 leagues where it was necessary.

All the top scorers have now been registered for last season and the 10.000 € given to their current owners. Please note that the bonus is given to the current owner. It is the buyer and selller's job to take those money into account when setting a market price of a player.