Torre D'Oglio 1926

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Torre d'Oglio (1040001)
Torre d'Oglio 1926.png
Managed by Genum80
Club information
Full nameTorre d'Oglio 1926
Short nameTorre
NicknameBocca Bassa FC
Location Lombardia Italia
Geographic area Latin Europe
Stadium◄▌Don Amedeo Delfini▐► (86 000 seats)
Fan ClubTorreFatti (2600 members)
Prize shelf
Sapphire Challenger cup.png season 56
Youth Team
Team nameTorre d oglio
ArenaParrocchiale di Sabbioni
Last update of this page was made 27.08.2020

Torre d'Oglio 1926 is an Italian from Lombardia managed by Genum80. The team's best result is a Coppa Mediterraneo championship. They also placed fourth in II.2 (season 47) and twice runner-up in II.1 (seasons 62 ad 63).

Prize Shelf
Sapphire Challenger cup.png
Division III.PNGDivision III.PNG
Division IV.PNGDivision IV.PNG
Division V.PNGDivision V.PNGDivision V.PNG
Division VI.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision VI.PNG
Division VII.PNG
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