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Progressing season, see: Tour de AH season 2
For the TdAH league, see: Ferrero Rocher-ligaen
Tour de AH (95537)
Chief Officers Kristianoil
Founding date 14.09.2010
Members 40
Languages Norwegian
Members' nationaity Norway Netherlands Belgium

Tour de AH is a federation founded in 2010.

UCI winners


Season 1: Norway Oliss


Season 1: Team Sparebanken Vest

The teams

Team General Manager Equity Founded Finnished
Team Aftenposten-Nidar Norway perrr 104 840kr season 1 active
Team Arctic Piper Norway Kenetico 105 740 kr season 1 active
Team Bergans of Norway Norway EspenD 57 540 kr season 1 active
Team SAS-Adidas Norway NHF_SirKnut 32 540 kr season 1 active
Team Sparebanken Vest Norway Endis 199 340 kr season 1 active

Avarage attandance

Season 1 13,1
Season 2 17,9


Participated in most races Oliss (36)
Most victories Oliss (6)
Most overall victories Oliss (3)
Most point jerseys Kristianoil (2)
Most mountain jerseys Oliss (2)
Most times ageressive cyclist Spammie (14)
Biggest victory 10 sec (Actanon in 2nd stage of Tour Down Under)
Biggest overall victory 1 min 07 sec (Gregor-er-en-fisk in Paris-Nice)
Longest race time 18 min 05 sec (Ronde van Vlaanderen)
Shortest race time 3 min 03 sec (3rd stage of Tour Down Under)
Tour de AH
Tour de AH
Tour de AH
season 1season 2