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Netherlands Two Goals One Cup (1011029)
managed by Jonathan_Fields
Full Name Two Goals One Cup
Nickname 2G1C or De Groenen
Founded 2011-07-20
Location Utrecht, Nederland
Arena The Tub
Coach Evert-Jan Moedt (66698171)
League VII.224
updated on: 2011-02-13

Team kits
Home kit
Away kit
The Tub (1007591)
1007591 arena.png
12.000 seats

Division VIII.PNGDivision VII.PNG

Top Scorer

Netherlands Evert-Jan Moedt (66698171) Topscorer X.PNG (Series VIII.1348 season 47) 12 Goals


Two Goals One Cup is a team located in Utrecht, Netherlands Netherlands playing in the 7th division. The team is active since the 46th (Dutch 35th) season round 2. The club is founded by manager Jonathan_Fields.

Season 46

In their first season Two Goals One Cup was in start-up phase: mainly focusing on training, clean up and stabilize their first team players and work on decent income. This didn't hold them back to set a season goal to conquer the third position, behind the two far more experienced teams 'Team Boer' and 'De Godenzonen '87'. Due to poor performance in matches against 'Zaandam FC' and 'FC Finesse' the team didn't achieve their season goal and ended up 4th instead.

Season 47

When 'De Godenzonen'87' and 'Team Boer' promoted to the 7th division at the end of the 46th season, the fiercest competition was gone in the series. When two other human teams transferred to other series, only newly founded teams or bots were competing with Two Goals One Cup in the 47th season. Winning the league felt as an obligation rather than an actual achievement. The club became 'champions' after playing 12 rounds without losing. The team promoted to series VII.224.

Season 48

Two Goals One Cup currently plays in league VII.224, a series ranked around 340 of 1024 in the 7th division. As second to lowest ranked team in the league, The club was expected to work hard to avoid relegation. However, after four wins in the first half of the season, Two Goals One Cup secured a solid position in the middle of the table. The club started to win most of their matches from then on and battled for a place in the top three up till the last match of the season. As the no. 3 (BTS Schoonhoven) secured a 4-1 win over the no. 1 (FC Kampsjaak), Two Goals One Cup took over the first position because of their win over Zusters UTD and became champions of VII.224.

Fan Club

Two Goals One Cup's fan club is called The Green Legion. Containing 900 members at the start of this (48th - Dutch: 37th) season. The fan club is a rather pessimistic bunch, as they expect a bottom rank or relegation in every season so far.

The Zaandam Controversy

In the 46th season, when Two Goals One Cup was founded, the fans didn't have high season expectations. However, after the coach made a dramatic tactical error in a match (343819660) against Zaandam FC (a bot-team), the fans became unexpectedly aggressive because of the match result (1-1). The mood plummeted, resulting in a decrease in supporter-flow.

In season 47, the expectations of the fans were still extremely low, even though the club hasn't lost a single match. Every match expectation is defined as a 'close affair' or 'slight edge' even against bot-teams. Matches against Zaandam FC however (still a bot-team) the fans surprisingly claim: 'a piece of cake!' for both battles.

Two Goals One Cup owes its largest victory to the club from Zaandam. In season 47, round 4, they won with 0-12 on the scoreboard (359372580).

Current squad

Key players

Nat. Player ID Since Position
Italy Alessandro Tarroni (326019015) 30-07-2011 IM
Poland Józef Bujara (333117745) 05-11-2011 IM - FWD
Belgium Luis Domingo Escalera (319548187) 12-08-2011 GK
Belgium Yme Maurissen (324063355) 10-08-2011 WI - WB
Bolivia Robin Meza (327151023) 25-07-2011 CD - WB
Latvia Agris Lutriņš (C) (299090802) 17-11-2011 FWD
Germany Philip von Fischer-Treuenfeld (334964579) 02-11-2011 IM
France Jérôme Charbonnier (321761561) 09-06-2012 CD
Poland Wacław Górczak (324442211) 09-06-2012 WD
Turkey Abdullah Yordam (210794780) 05-05-2012 ST

Reserve players

Nat. Player ID Since Position
Albania Dedash Demi (327248655) 25-07-2011 CD - WB
Bolivia William Cienfuegos (179392905) 21-02-2012 CD - WB
Germany Jörg Estner (327453980) 28-07-2011 WI
Netherlands Eelco Lijnkamp (324055992) 12-08-2011 WI - WB
Netherlands Randy Brunsveld (327152966) Club ST

Trainees and Youth

Nat. Player ID Since Position
Brazil Adãozinho Popoca (335334200) 08-06-2012 CD
Netherlands Cristiaan Renselaar (YA) (340647828) 16-01-2012 IM
Netherlands Seran Brinkkemper (YA) (354175076) 11-06-2012 GK

Team Kits

Kit Design

All kits of Two Goals One Cup are designed by the club itself. The designs contain details of jerseys worn by Two Goals One Cup in previous seasons and jerseys of real football clubs.

Even though the manager of Two Goals One Cup is a fan of Rotterdams main football club Feyenoord, he deliberately chooses not to use Feyenoord's club colors (red/white), due to their excessive use in Hattrick. Instead, the color of the city Rotterdam (green) is used for their home kits and logo. The shirt sponsor will however always be the same as Feyenoord's.

Kit History

Home Kit Away Kit
Season 46
1011029 jersey35a.png
1011029 jersey35b.png
Season 47
1011029 jersey36a.png
1011029 jersey36b.png
Season 48-current
1011029 jersey37a.png
1011029 jersey37b.png


Home Kit Away Kit
Lost Design
1011029 home.png
1011029 away.png


Team Records

record value round* date
Longest competitive winning streak 14 S37R00 13-02-2012
Longest undefeated streak 14 S37R00 13-02-2012

Match Records

record value date round* matchid score
Largest victory +12 27-11-2011 S36R04 (359372580) 0-12
Largest defeat -8 20-07-2011 S35R02 (346028426) 0-8
Highest number of stars 54.0 15-04-2012 S37R08 (374727867) 2-0
Lowest number of stars 15.0 20-07-2011 S35R02 (346028426) 0-8

-* Seasons are displayed according to the Dutch season count. Add 11 for international season count.

Other Records

Two Goals One Cup holds the best performance record in the history of league VIII.1348. The club finished the 36th season undefeated with a goal difference of 97 (99 goals scored and 2 conceded). A mere two goals more than previous record holder in season 35: De Godenzonen'87 (213098)

Team Relations

Managers Supporting Two Goals One Cup

User Team ID
Netherlands Mungo_NL (7417943) MPTTT (502159)
Netherlands Michael_Lek (3739803) De GodenZonen'84 (213098)

Rival Teams


Season League Team ID
Netherlands 46 (NL: 35) VIII.1348 Komt Dat Schot (360031) League Competing over the 3rd place in the league
Netherlands 48 (NL: 37) VII.224 BTS Schoonhoven (362125) League Competing over league championship

Current Rivals

Two Goals One Cup currently has no rivals.


Did you know..

  • ...the name of the club is a parody on an infamous internet video (yes, that one)
  • ...Manager Jonathan Fields came up with the name of the club when watching a comedy TV-show mentioning the video, and needed a name for his football club in the game Fifa 11 - Ultimate Team
  • ...he never watched the video - and never will
  • ...Jonathan Fields is a proud mentee of Mungo_NL, the founder of the Dutch Mentor Scheme