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Tykkimiehet FC (1054874)

Tykkimiehet FC

Full name Tykkimiehet Football Club
Nickname(s) Tykärit, TFC
Founded January 2006
Manager Jopetshow
League Finland, V.51
Region Päijät-Häme
Stadium Vesivehmaan Highbury (Capacity 50,000)
Fan Club Punamustat ("Red and Black", ~2500 members)
Coach Suomi Jarno Sonninen
Captain Suomi Riku Leimu
Youth Team
Name Tykkipojat
Trainer Suomi Artturi Härkönen
Captain Suomi Juha Junkala
League All-Stars lige
All-Time Leaders
League/Cup Appearances Nederland Jouke Reckers, 244
Friendly Appearances Sweden Holger Robertsson, 162
Total Appearances Nederland Jouke Reckers, 310
Total Goals España Harri Zarazua, 126

Tykkimiehet FC (in Finnish: The Gunners FC)are a Finnish Hattrick club. The club currently plays in Finnish League V.51. The Club's Youth Team is called Tykkipojat, straight translation is "The Cannon Boys", as Tykkimiehet and Gunners can also mean "Cannon Men".


Seasons 28-31 - Founding, the eighth division struggle and the rapid promotion[edit]

Season 28[edit]

Tykkimiehet FC was founded 12.1.2006, when there was season 28 ongoing in Finland. Tykkimiehet arrived to their league, IX.175, in the week 2, so one match was already played under the old bot team, FC Keski-Suomi. Tykkimiehet made a few foreing signings during their first season, including Alexandre Maintier, Antonello Spinola, Adolf Bareš and of course the Swedish "overpriced" youngster Holger Robertsson. The Club's first season was like a roller coaster, but the most memorable match was in the last round against the superior future champion FC Nuotta. Underdogs Tykkimiehet managed to get 2-0 lead right at the start. It was still 3-2 for Tykärit at the 66th minute, as all the previously mentioned foreign signings had scored except Holger Robertsson. Then Robertsson got injured after a malicious tackle. Tykkifanit were in total anger, as Holger had already promised at half-time that he would score. It wasn't possible anymore, and so Nuotta equalized and finally won 3-4. It was a huge disappointment, but still a fantastic display of TFC's great fighting spirit which would pay dividends in the future. Tykkimiehet finished sixth on their first season. During the season, a Frenchman Ludovic Kondo was named as the TFC manager to replace the semi-professional Mikko Keskinen.

Season 29[edit]

Though the team was only sixth in it's league last season, it got promoted to eighth division to a league named VIII.1130 for season 29. That was because of Hattrick's bot cleanup and their relegation to bottom divisions (and thus some bottom division human managers got promoted). The squad had improved a lot from its starting season and finished third. Some key signings were made, such as Joeli Odber-De-Baubeta with a great name and even greater skills, midfield maestro Charles Forjaz and his future successor, 17-year-old Dutch teenager Jouke Reckers. Those players were very important factors of The Clubs success for a long, long time.

Season 30[edit]

On season 30 Tykkimiehet tried to promote to the seventh division. After a long battling against other teams, Tykkimiehet finished only second and failed to promote. There were fierceful battles against a future champion Vilupuron Vetäjät, first was 1-2 victory for Vilupuro and Tykkimiehet managed to play away draw with their new players bought to the clash. That still wasn't enough for the promotion. Fans got almost bored in hanging in same league for so long, but the future seemed better...

Season 31[edit]

Season 31 was the first full season with new German coach Aiman Sye in charge. Although Kondo had done good job earlier, the change seemed to help, as Tykärit finally managed to promote to the seventh division. That didn't happen without any pain, as very exciting matches included the horrible 3-2 defeat against another promotion candidate FC JÄCE in Christmas Eve. Earlier, in the 5th of December, one day before Finland's Day of Independence, Tykkimiehet had lost very unluckily to Apskun Pallo in the Finnish Cup first round. The most infamous thing was TFC's Arkadiusz Szejna's two missed penalties in the second half. Apsku later won 2-3 on penalties. This defeat, along with the infamous JÄCE-defeat, started TFC's unluckyness on holidays and their Eves. Despite those hard results, Tykkimiehet won all their other matches during the season and got promoted to the seventh division.

Season 32[edit]

At the start of the season 32, Tykkimiehet tried to just avoid the relegation and maybe reach bit more higher, but with a great surprise, Tykkimiehet won the championship and promoted immediately to sixth division. The season started with a victory against another promoter YÖ-Liipola, while Tykärit lost to title contenders FC Spurs on the second round. Then Tykkimiehet FC made one of their greatest runs of their history, going unbeaten in 11 consecutive matches (10 of which victories) and confirming the title already after the 13th round. Other teams just couldn't match that performance. Rapid promotion was a very big thing for the whole town, but some were concerned about Tykkimiehet's chances to survive in the sixth division. Many new players were bought and when the next season started, the team was ready to face the first big challenge in sixth division.

Seasons 33-37 - The start of the VI.604 journey: survival battles and the first Bunni years[edit]

Season 33[edit]

On the season 33 The Club's minimum was certainly to stay clear out of the relegation in the league called VI.604. Tykkimiehet started the season well, and one of the sweetest victories was the 3-0 win against Meik's People, which would later finish third. After that, though, Tykkimiehet suffered three straight defeats, and the last one, Meik's People's 7-1 thrashing by revenge, dropped Tykärit to the last position. Tykkimiehet bounced back and were finally saved from the relegation after title candidate CP Tosiranke Team Toverit lost their owner and gave walkovers, going all the way back to the last position. Tykkimiehet still showed they deserved the place in the division by overtaking Vaparin Voitto in the last round and climbing to the fifth place.

Season 34[edit]

The second season in VI.604 was harder than the first: there wasnt't a clearly weaker team and a bot team like last season. Tykkimiehet started well again, but were in the relegation spot between weeks 9 and 12. The survival battle against EspoonQPR was fierce, but Tykkimiehet became victorious when they beat them at Vesivehmaan Highbury 3-2 on round 13. That was enough to keep the place in the division and finish sixth.

Season 35[edit]

On season 35 Tykkimiehet went again off to a flyer: The Club trashed the bot team Kerkkoon Urheilijat 7-0 and got their first top place of the division all-time. After that things went much harder, though. If it wasn't for Siilinjärven Salamat to become bot and thus a clear relegator along with Kerkkoo, Tykkimiehet could have had tough time avoiding the relegation. But because of that bottification, Tykkimiehet kept their place in the serie for sure. It wasn't very exciting season, as Tykärit were unable to challenge other teams and stayed in the sixth place for the whole second half of the season and also finished in that place.

Season 36[edit]

Season 36 seemed easier at the start: there were two bot teams and only one team was clearly better. The Club's aim was to finish fifth, but sometimes even the third place was possible. But Tykkimiehet lost some important matches in the end and finished "only" fourth. The Cup performance (fifth round) was great, though. In the middle of the season the coach, Aiman Sye, who had been in the job since September 2007, retired and Simon Bunni took control. Aiman Sye had done great work lifting Tykkimiehet two levels higher and keeping them up in the sixth division, but still the Bunni years were the ones where The Club got even more glory and success...

Season 37[edit]

The start of the season 37 was excellent: Tykkimiehet made a record by being the leader after three rounds. Before that, Tykkimiehet was fourth after two rounds at best. Later, Tykkimiehet suffered an embarassing 4-0 defeat to that time's eighth placed team Amigos Jugando al Fútbol (which still stayed out of the relegation). But some time after that Tykkimiehet managed to win the both of the "monster teams", Ruanda Marmotas and FC Perätila. That time, TFC was still fighting even for the title, but they underperformed again and drew to Amigos. Second place was still possible, but Marmotas won Perätila at the last round and kept TFC at third place. It was still a great season for The Club.

Seasons 38-42 - First title in VI.604 and the promotion struggle[edit]

Season 38[edit]

Tykkimiehet FC's tenth season was expected to be tougher than in last year, as promoted teams were a lot better than relegated ones. There were four teams in the title race, while usually there have been three, two or just one. Ruanda Marmotas and FC Perätila were still there along with Tykkimiehet, and new promoter FC Ruput were also fighting for the championship. Tykkimiehet held the first position since round two despite a defeat against Ruanda Marmotas. Tykkimiehet managed to get to the fourth round of the Cup of Finland, which was a 'decent' performance. Tykkimiehet sold their star keeper Javier Giudice before the ninth league match, but his replacement Johan Mellgren got injured badly in a friendly match and the second goalkeeper Mauno Ståhl had to play in tough matches on weeks 9 to 12 - with great success. At week 12, after some intense matches, Tykkimiehet won Perätila and Marmotas lost to Ruput, so TFC almost assured the championship. It was finally secure week after with a victory against FC Hämy. TFC then lost to FC Huikka in the last round - saving them from relegation, while they later got promoted in TFC's expense in season 42. Tykkimiehet didn't try to promote and thus lost 10-0 to Tommy's House in qualification with reserves. Promotion was not very wise in that point according to the manager. But when looking back after many seasons in the same serie, some people may disagree...

Season 39[edit]

Season 39 was a disappointment for the fans, as Tykkimiehet finished only third. Cup went pretty well with surviving to the fifth round, but league performances weren't near the ones that were expected. Right in the third round, Tykkimiehet lost 4-0 at Peten Tiimi after a very controversial referee working. Right after Tykkimiehet were very unlucky against FC Perätila, losing 2-4. Those weren't the only controversial matches during the season, and even coach Simon Bunni said that 'things were going out of hand' and that the players couldn't concentrate fully after specific 'disorders'. Anyway, FC Perätila took the title clearly as Tykkimiehet were out of their flow and last season's other title candidates, Ruanda Marmotas and FC Ruput, were in even bigger crisis and got relegated. Tykkimiehet were fourth during the majority of the season, but managed to beat Peten Tiimi on round 12 and got past them. Tykkimiehet finished third behind Perätila and FC Huikka. But in Season 40 Tykkimiehet would hunt for revenge...

Season 40[edit]

The Club was disappointed when they heard that last season's champions FC Perätila got promoted to the toughest Finnish fifth division, thus having a team from that same league, Myllymäki Rangers got relegated to VI.604. Rangers were largely hyped before the season and they were seen as an invincible team. However, Tykkimiehet defeated them on Vesivehmaan Highbury 10th of October 3-0, being one of the greatest wins in club's history. Joy wasn't everlasting though: after an excellent run in the league Tykkimiehet faced a terrible month known as The Black November: four losses in four matches, one of them being against Myllymäki Rangers and other three one way or another unlucky. Even the second place was in danger, but finally TFC managed to finish second as they tried to before the season. Rangers outran Tykkimiehet by nine points, though.

Season 41[edit]

Although Tykkimiehet started season 40 well, it sooner or later became obvious that Myllymäki Rangers were too hot to handle. So the expectations for the new season were high. Club called LeKa relegated from fifth division, and they were of course a lot easier team to win than Rangers last season, but Tykkimiehet failed to take the title and finished second once again. LeKa defeated Tykkimiehet in the first round, and after that Tykkimiehet started to chase LeKa with only three points behind, aiming to take the lead in the last round. Unfortunately Tykkimiehet lost two other matches, against newly-promoted Las Pelotas de la Ciudad and the old rival FC Huikka, so the victory over LeKa in the last round wasn't enough.

Season 42[edit]

The longest-serving manager of The Club's history, Simon Bunni, was replaced at the beginning of season 42 by French Maxime Petitpas. Tykkimiehet was a clear candidate for the title because the relegated team, Gentlemenit (which had played against Tykkimiehet couple of years ago in the Finnish Cup, when they were in the second division of Finland) was ownerless and so doomed to be relegated again and out of the title race. FC Huikka was practically the only challenger of Tykkimieht. Petitpas started his journey in style and trashed opponents one after another. The same favour continued in the Finnish Cup, where Tykkimiehet survived to the sixth round, breaking their former record. FC Mollusc from the third division were finally too much for Tykkimiehet. It still seemed that Tykkimiehet won't have any problems getting the championship. That was the case until the ninth round, when TFC's biggest challenger for the title, FC Huikka, beat Tykkimiehet 1-0 on their home court. Tykkimiehet were still in the battle, but their incredible flow of the first half of the season seemed to be gone. They struggled against DTH FUSSB at home, while still picking up a win. Week after that Tykkimiehet lost against old foe Ilpoinen 28ers 5-4 away. Huikka won all their matches on the second half of the season and final nail on the coffin was TFC's 2-2 draw with Lucky Jumpers on second to last round. Huikka's defensive style were victorious this time - and Tykkimiehet were once again looking for the long-waited promotion next season.

Seasons 43-45 - The Promotion and another title in the fifth division[edit]

Season 43[edit]

Petitpas's second season in charge was once again was once again met with high expectations. This time TFC's nemesis was relegated Metallurg Pääskyvuori, while the other teams couldn't mount a serious title challenge. The first league match of the season was against Pääskyvuori himself, and the match ended 3-3. Next tuesday Tykkimiehet was shocked by seventh division side Warghar FC in the Finnish Cup - TFC was eliminated on the second round. That defeat didn't affect the league performances, though, and Tykkimiehet won all their league matches during the next two months - in fact they also won all the friendlies except 0-6 trashing against local rival FC Sun-Storm. But on the tenth round, in the 16th of October Tykkimiehet was struggling at home against Lucky Jumpers - the same team that ruined TFC's title chances season ago. Tykkimiehet managed to get a draw, which was still a huge disappointment, but Pääskyvuori lost at Makkaralahti United on the same day and Tykkimiehet got one point ahead on the table. Then Tykkimiehet showed no rustiness whatsoever when they beat Las Pelotas de la Ciudad 0-4 away, DTH FUSSB 7-0 at home and finally won 2-0 at Makkaralahti United. Pääskyvuori also won all of their matches, so the story was simple: a victory or a draw would give TFC the title with point advantage, goal difference would not matter although Tykkimiehet was superior on that aspect. The fans waited that deciding match for a long time, and then it was kicked off 13th November 2010 at 21.00. Finnish time. Tykkimiehet dominated from start to finish, and it was already 3-0 at half-time. The final score was 6-0, so Tykkimiehet finally took their second championship in the league and also secured a straight promotion. The festives were about to begin.

Season 44[edit]

Season 44 welcomed lots of new challenges to Tykkimiehet, which was almost depressed battling for the title for couple of years before the long waited promotion. Playing in the fifth division was kind of a "fresh new start", although the squad and coaching staff didn't change at all. Before the start of the season it seemed that there are at most two teams which are fighting only for the championship, while almost all the others were pretty even and would be fighting all the way from the last "medal" to the bottom of the league. Tykkimiehet was also in this group, although in the upper pile. Tykkimiehet defeated another promotee Kalakukot 1-0 in the first round, then got trashed by Hugehead United 4-0 but trashed Oripää Wolves 6-0 week later. Then Tykkimiehet lost a cup match against FC Kickboxers 2-0. Departure from the Finnish Cup after four rounds was a disappointment, but the cup performance wasn't that much important that time, as the main objective was to finish well in the league, perhaps avoiding a relegation match.

However, Tykkimiehet would later on fight for a qualification spot - a promotion qualification. On the Christmas Day, Tykkimiehet came from behind to beat FC Sopol 3-4 and got a huge mental boost for the rest of the season. Two weeks later they beat Uimahallin Laitosmiehet in an important clash. Still there were many concerns about the season when TFC got only one point from the possible six in two consecutive matches against AC KooTee. But the relegation doubts were finally gone as Tykkimiehet beat Laitosmiehet again, this time away. At the same time, title contender Pakilan Pallosalama sold their star players and gave some cheap victories. Tykkimiehet also beat team in week 10, although the score 3-2 was a 'complete joke concerning the skill difference between the teams'.

As Pakila were making their way to the bottom, Tykkimiehet got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enter the championship race as a promotee. Tykkimiehet trashed FC Sopol 9-0, but there were still lot of work to do. Tykkimiehet got away with 1-3 at Oripää Wolves, despite having a very evenly matched contest and with Morgan Da Silva getting a red card and thus a suspension to the official match of the season against Hugehead United. Olli-Pekka Tuulinen was forced to replace him in the attack, and after an exciting match Tykkimiehet beat their title contender 2-1 and were on their way to the title. There was still one challenge ahead: away match against Kalakukot. It was another tight affair, but Tykkimiehet got a 1-1 draw and thus won their serie in the fifth division just after their promotion. TFC were just celebrating their last title, so another one was even a bit confusing to the fans. Still they won't have any complaints.

Season 45[edit]

Tykkimiehet's aim to defend the title in season 45 was certainly very challenging, although they had all the ability to do that. It proved to be a twisting season, though, right from the start. While Tykkimiehet beat last season's runner-up Hugehead United 3-0 fair and square on the first week, they suffered an odd defeat at Pakilan Pallosalama next week. Later on in the season many underdogs defeated or drew the title holders, and nobody couldn't understand the unluckiness The Club once again had to suffer. This was the story of the season, so things got out of hand and Tykkimiehet went to the relegation qualifier match. At least they then defeated Funky Kickers 6-2 and retained the place in the series.

After the season coach Maxime Petitpas resigned after four seasons of service.

Seasons 46-? - The Sonninen Years[edit]

Season 46[edit]

The fans were delighted when a former youth star Jarno Sonninen was named as the next coach of Tykkimiehet. Sonninen started his career in TFC and after that shined in Europe and especially in Romania. Then Sonninen had signed for his former club again and it was already then speculated that Sonninen would succeed Petitpas as a coach. Sonninen was already a cult hero thanks to his playing style from his youth years and "The Bull" was expected to bring the title back to Vesivehmaa.

Sonninen also faced a challenge of aging squad. The starting lineup was still basically the same as it was in season 43 when Tykkimiehet got promoted to the fifth division. During that time those star players in their late twenties had become veterans over 30 years with best years behind them. The problem wasn't necessarily that, but the fact that there wasn't any money coming from selling these players. As a matter of fact Sonninen had to rely on some youngsters from Tykkipojat and thus declared his objective to have more players breaking to the starting lineup from The Club's own ranks.

The philosophy could have been seen in the season's cup matches; however, the cup run came to an end already after the third round, though the youngsters could and should have deserved better. The league campaign was also struggling, with four defeats halfway through the season. But then at the second half of the season Tykkimiehet launched an unbeaten run and was soon shouting for the title. It all came down to the last round, when Tykkimiehet failed to win AC KooTee away and the title contender Helsinki Club 2008 beat FC Evaka 4-2 away. This meant Tykkimiehet finish second two points short of Helsinki Club. It was a frustating end to the otherwise memorable season.

Season 47[edit]

Season 47 was the second for Sonninen as the head coach. The start was not the best excepted as title holder Helsinki Club 2008 defeated Tykkimiehet 4-2. Another defeat two weeks later against Nuuskaajat put Tykkimiehet in a hard position concerning the title race, but the third defeat kept on waiting until week 8 and Hugehead United and Tykkimiehet didn't lose a league match on season 47 ever since.

In the Finnish Cup Tykkimiehet survived to the sixth round, where Ac Uleåborg was finally superior. The previous matches had been entertaining and nobody was complaining about the cup run. League run stayed impressive, with the unbeaten home run surviving all the way, and soon Tykkimiehet found themselves in the lead already after match week 11.

After five weeks of being unbeaten, Tykkimiehet had taken the first spot in the league even surprisignly easily. The last contest of the season was against Helsinki Club, this time at home - and now Tykkimiehet had the chance to get a revenge from the previous loss and the bitter season 46. Tykkimiehet had a great advantage, as a draw or even a slight defeat would still have been enough for the title. Tykkimiehet didn't give any mercy, however, and Morgan Da Silva scored twice after Helsinki Club had taken the lead thanks to a controversial penalty. The young Kai Pylkkä scored 3-1 and finally Morgan sank the exhausted Hindersby and finished his hattrick. Tykkimiehet FC had taken their sixth championship and the second in the fifth division.

Season 48[edit]

Famous Players[edit]

Hall of Fame Players[edit]

Tykkimiehet FC has an own Hall of Fame, where some retired TFC legends may be promoted after their unforgettable careers. There are currently fifteen players in the Hall of Fame, two of them being former coaches Ludovic Kondo and Simon Bunni.

  • Paavo Heiskanen

Heiskanen was the first player of Tykkimiehet that got promoted to the Hall of Fame - this was in December 2006 when Heiskanen was 32 years old. He started his career in Tykkimiehet and never moved to another club. On the very first seasons of Tykkimiehet, Heiskanen was the vital link in the team's defence. He also made some great goals, usually with his head. Nowadays Heiskanen is one of The Club's assistant managers.

  • Jori Pöntinen

Pöntinen retired and went to Hall of Fame a day after Paavo Heiskanen. Pöntinen also played as a defender, usually as a full-back. He scored lots of goals and even one hat-trick despite his position and was one of the fan's favourites. He played 40 matches total.

Laru wasn't a great player, but still almost the best of the best: Laru is known as a very "funny" person and did things like selling Hot-Dogs during the game, being in the line-up at the same time! Even opponent team's fans clapped, or laughed, to him when the line-up was announced before the game. Nowadays he doesn't play at all (Thank God!) but he works as an agent and also sells Hot-Dogs near the pitch on match days with his client Pasi 'Paska' Neiglick.

  • Ludovic Kondo

Kondo was the second coach of Tykkimiehet. He bought many solid players to positions where they were needed. He was also a formidable tactician, but he still didn't manage to promote the team to the seventh division.

  • Valter Zeba

Zeba was the first foreign Hall of Fame player. The Croatian superstriker scored 23 goals in 48 matches. Many of those goals were important in eighth and also seventh division. Fans think that Zeba was one of the most important players in season 31, when Tykkimiehet promoted to VII and its history changed forever. Zeba never was a supreme dribbler, runner or playmaker, but his inherent will and ability to score and make the difference in big matches was greatly regarded by the fans.

  • Iikka Pikkarainen

Along with Laru, Pikkarainen's glorius matches are all friendlies. He was the first player of the Club who scored a Hat-Trick. This game was a friendly against ZC Kukkila, and this match is one of the legendariest matches in TFC's history. To see why, check it out in Hattrick (80462466) or see below from this page.

  • Henrik Fogelholt

Fogelholt was promoted to the Hall of Fame after he announced to end his career. He started his career in Tykkimiehet when the whole club was formed and ended it in May 2008. The Finnish wingback with Swedish descent also scored 21 goals and played 115 matches. Even so he was neither as legendary as Heiskanen, Pöntinen or Zeba nor as funny as Laru, Pikkarainen or Kissa, but he still is a honorable member of the Hall of Fame.

  • Toni Kissa

Kissa belongs to the same category as Laru and Pikkarainen as a legendary Friendly match player and humoristic attitude. Most important thing about him is that his surname Kissa means "Cat" in English. Mostly because of his name he was bought from Lamminpää Predators in September 2006 for 1000 euros. He played 42 matches, most of them friendlies, and he didn't score any league or cup goals. Kissa did, however, score thirteen times in friendlies with two braces.

  • Teemu Rautapää

Rautapää was bought to TFC with Toni Kissa in September 2006. The word 'Kissa' means 'Cat' in Finnish, but 'Rautapää' means 'Ironhead'. Nobody can't disclaim that those 17-year old youngsters were bought because of their name, but Rautapää had good dribbling abilities and his name wasn't just a name: many players were hurt after an aerial battle with Rautapää in friendlies. He was never a top class player, only a trusted warrior in friendlies, and his injury in one of them was the final thing that confirmed his retirement and a new place in the Hall of Fame. Rautapää played in 59 matches, only seven of them being competitive games, and he also scored one goal in a league match.

  • Jan Granberg

It is said that Granberg has least fame of HoF players, and that is mostly true. Granberg played in Tykkimiehet and their youth teams since 15 years old, and scout Jori Pöntinen offered him a professional contract in August 2008. He played just 15 friendlies and one qualification match, and when a new place to the Hall of Fame opened, he decided to go there as there weren't other candidates.

  • Toni Vihijoki

Vihijoki hasn't got a lot of fame either. He played loyally in Tykkipojat for few seasons, then being a fringe player in the senior team for a long time. Vihijoki was a capable player, with the ability to play everywhere in the pitch including between the posts. He played in just a one competition match, but in 20 friendlies as well. He went to Hall of Fame in the end of November 2009.

  • Simon Bunni
  • Holger Robertsson
  • Jouke Reckers

Non-HoF retired legends[edit]

Some legends of The Club have been sold to another club and then retired, or retired in Tykkimiehet without entering to the Hall of Fame. They are not in Hall of Fame but still on hearts of the fans.

  • Charles Forjaz

Forjaz was the first player to reach the excellent skill, in playmaking. He was a dominant player in TFC's midfield for many seasons. After those many unforgettable performances, he was sold because a new midfield star was arising - Jouke Reckers. Unfortunately, Forjaz's new team quitted Hattrick after some time. He was voted as the best player of Tykkimiehet FC in a fan vote before season 36.

  • Miika Hannonen

Hannonen was the original goalkeeper of Tykkimiehet and kept that position for some time. Then he became a backup keeper. The first team goalkeepers came and went, but Hannonen kept his position as a backup. But this time also ended, when a new goalkeeper from Tykkipojat, Juho Tolpanniemi, was promoted to the seniors and Hannonen was sold. Then his team quitted Hattrick and like Forjaz, Hannonen came back to his most memorable team to play in Senior Reserves.

  • Joonas Tupamäki

Tupamäki was one of the original players of Tykkimiehet and a tough member of the team's defence line. This line, Fogelholt-Tupamäki-Heiskanen-Pöntinen, was also compared with Arsenal's legendary defence line Winteburn-Adams-Bould-Dixon. Later, Tupamäki's skills just weren't good enough and he retired without entering the Hall of Fame like many others who have retired in TFC.

  • Jaakko Sunden

Sunden is considered as the best Tykkimiehet FC youth pull ever. He was a top-class winger and midfielder as he was promoted to senior team as 19 years old. A Couple of days later, 12th September 2006, he was sold with 396 000 euros, which was clearly the biggest transfer fee The Club had ever received. But unfortunately, after some seasons, his team retired and so did Sunden. It was a total disaster according to TFC fans.

  • Hannu Repo

Repo was The Man in the midfield from the second half of the season 31 to the end of the season 33. He played alongside many TFC midfield legends from Charles Forjaz to Alex Évora and Jouke Reckers. Later Santiago Majewski took his place, but he was still one of the legends. It was very sad that Repo's team and so he himself retired, but then went to Tykkimiehet FC Senior Reserves squad.

  • Juan Luis Sanz

Sanz is considered to be one of the best goalkeepers all-time in The Club. Sanz was the second starting goalkeeper in TFC after Miika Hannonen and led Tykkimiehet to its first title, VIII.1130. championship in season 31. He left the club before the championship of VII.625, but he played 12 clean sheets and lots of more memorable matches. His post-TFC club quitted Hattrick and so Sanz's game was also over.

Legends still playing in The Club[edit]

Of course some of the greatest are legends when they are still living, i.e. playing still in Tykkimiehet.

  • Holger Robertsson

Holger Robertsson is a true legend, no Charles Forjaz or even Petri Laru can be compared to him. This Swedish striker was bought in the first days of Tykkimiehet for a huge 70 000 euro transfer fee (at the time some fans thought that he was very overpriced...) as 18 years old. Ludovic Kondo trained him to a midfielder, too. He became an important player, but some seasons later he lost his place in starting eleven. Still he managed to have some appearances in a season, and soon he was the first player to have 100 appearances in Tykkimiehet. In November 2008, he played his 150th match in league defeat against FC Perätila. It was an incredible achievement and somehow sharply half of his 150 matches were friendlies and another half league and cup matches! Holger has since got his 200th appearance too, but he rarely gets first-team football anymore. He is still hunting for the hundreth competitive appearance.

  • Jouke Reckers

A certain Dutch 17-year old teen called Jouke Reckers was starting his professional career on May 2006. Three days later he was sold from his original club to Finland, to an ascending club called Tykkimiehet FC with a transfer fee of 3000 euros. Now, 12 seasons and over three years later, Reckers, 29, having multipled his value by almost 1000 times, is a midfield star in Tykkimiehet, perhaps the best player in the whole team. He has improved incredibly on his stay and he has played 190 matches in The Club and so leading the caps list. Some great things are influenced with so small factors, and Reckers is a very good example of that.

  • Alessandro Wyssmann

Wyssmann has been in The Club since June 2007. He was 20 years old that time, but he has been a first-team star since the beginning. He has also grown up as a player and a man during his long career in TFC, and he played his hundredth match in The Club in March 2009. Only five players have done it before him. Three months later he achieved even rarer milestone: hundreth competitive match as the second player to do that. He is trailing almost 50 matches behind Jouke Reckers for all caps, but he has still played just 17 competitive matches less than the Dutchman. That gives him an ultimate lead for stat concerning competitive matches out of all matches (players over 80 matches only) as 125 of his 141 matches so far (88,6%) were in league or in Cup.

  • Markku Nisula

Striker Nisula played in Tykkipojat for a long time before joining the senior squad and getting sold soon after in March 2008 for 17 000 euros. Nisula made an excellent career abroad, scoring lots of goals and even few hat-tricks in three clubs. When Nisula was transferlisted by his third club Juventus "ZS" in December 2009, Tykkimiehet decided to sign the former homegrown youngster for 4 000 euros. Nisula, now 26, is a backup for the first team, but he has got some league and cup appearances too.

  • Jarno Sonninen

Sonninen followed the footsteps of Markku Nisula by rejoining Tykkimiehet. Sonninen started his career all the way back in spring 2006. He became a useful player and a fan favourite. He still didn't manage to get a regular spot, so he was sold in November 2006. He played in three club, two of them in Romania, and rejoined Tykkimiehet a lot later in May 2010. He made a stunning comeback by scoring in his new debut against Ilpoinen 28ers under the eyes of the delighted fans of Tykkimiehet.

  • Vesa Herttua

Herttua is widely considered to be the best home-grown player in Tykkimiehet ever, especially since he has been in the club from February 2008. Still he was a fringe player for many seasons, playing mostly friendlies. Since season 40 he has also got many league appearances, and he finally proved his worth on seasons 44-45, when Tykkimiehet won the sixth and the fifth division. Herttua scored the title-winning goal against Kalakukot in the last match of season 45. That finally gave him the shirt number 2, but he has also served Tykkimiehet thirdmost, only Holger Robertsson and Jouke Reckers ahead of him.

  • Riku Leimu
  • Luís Silvero

Legends playing elsewhere[edit]

Some great players have been sold in spite of their reputation and praise of the fans. Information coming soon...

  • Sami Kauhanen
  • Arvo Kojo
  • Alex Evora
  • Hector Denis
  • Rãzvan Galos
  • Vidas Mergiunas
  • Marco Zanzi
  • Ricky Ramos
  • Santiago Majewski
  • Javier Giudice
  • Pietro Gartsman
  • Bob Brogaard
  • Ciro Grassia
  • Jon Caiger
  • Sergio Simonetti
  • Lennart Bø

Legendary matches and events[edit]

Tykkimiehet FC - ZC Kukkila[edit]

This friendly match is the favourite of many Tykkimiehet fans. There happened many legendary things: first, Tykkimiehet scored 7 beautiful goals. Then, Joeli Odber-De-Baubeta, one of the greatest players all-time, head-butted the opponent and was sent off. Remember that Zinedine Zidane's head butt was about two months after that... Also Iikka Pikkarainen scored three goals and a Hat-Trick, first time in The Club's history. Last thing was that Petri Laru almost played a clean sheet, but one player called Antonello Spinola made a mistake on 86th minute and so Laru just couldn't make a save. A month later Spinola was sold...

Jorvinpallo - Tykkimiehet FC[edit]

This game was played in the 12th round of season 32, TFC's only season in seventh division. Tykkimiehet fought hard to promote to the sixth division, but was 1-0 behind against Jorvinpallo, one of the promotion candidates, still in 70th minute. The team's coach Aiman Sye was frustated and went to the toilet and then to buy some beer near the stadium. When he came back, he saw that Jorvinpallo was going to make a kick-off. "What the hell is going on", Sye said, "did we equalise?" Assistant coach Paavo Heiskanen answered negatively. "What then?" Sye asked and was very nervous. Then he looked at the scoreboard and noticed that TFC's striker Rãzvan Galos, who also was the league's best goalscorer that season, had scored two goals in two minutes. Sye gone crazy and did some hilarious dancing moves. The game was won by Tykkimiehet and those three points maybe decided the promotion battle for Tykkimiehet.

The All-Star Day[edit]

In every season break, Tykkimiehet organises an event called The All-Star Day. It's usually in Satuday, week 15 but on last season break it was in week 16. In The All-Star Day, players of Tykkimiehet FC play some All-Stars matches like First Team against Second Team, Finnish players against Foreigners and so on. Later on the day and sometimes in Sunday, the TFC leadership announces the best players of Tykkimiehet in each category, such as best goalkeeper, most valuable player and best signing. The All-Star Day's events are always reported to Clubhouse or nowadays to HT-Arena (in Finnish).


Information coming soon!

  • FC Levu
  • FC Sun-Storm
  • FC Huikka
  • Ilpoinen 28ers
  • Hugehead United

Youth team[edit]

Tykkimiehet FC's Youth Team is called Tykkipojat, as said before. Youth team's coach is Artturi Härkönen. There are three youth scouts, they are called Jukka Varis, Aki Laaksonen and Juho Ylikorpi. Captains are rarely permanent, as the older and more experienced players become captains, they will soon be promoted to the seniors. Tykkipojat played it's first season in a league called Slaya's Junior League. Then the team went abroad to a league called Donnykleuterschool. There Tykkipojat took the championship three times in as many seasons. After some different leagues, they joined to a league called De Beste, where they were from July 2008 to May 2009. Tykkipojat won the championship of De Beste some time ago and then they moved on to a new league with another championship and another new league. Since then, Tykkipojat has played in many leagues and usually moving to a new one after one or two seasons. Still, Tykkipojat has always been one of the toughest teams on their leagues, getting the championship very often.


Tykkimiehet FC's Stadium is called Vesivehmaan Highbury. It means Vesivehmaa's Highbury, Vesivehmaa is the name of The Club's home village. Stadium's capacity is 50000. It was first 12000-seater, then enlarged by 2000 seats. In November 2007 the stadium was enlarged to a 27580-seater and its current capacity has been present since June 2009.

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