U.S. Real Palemmo 1946

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U.S. Real Palemmo 1946
Club information
Full name Unione Sportiva Real Palemmo 1946
Nickname The Flies
Country  Italia
Founded 2007
Ground Arancina Bridge, Palermo, Sicilia
(Capacity 49,911)
Chairman Italy Angelo Romano
Head coach Latvia Aivars Bošs
League VII.655
Previous season VII.655, 1st

Unione Sportiva Real Palemmo 1946 is a Hattrick football club from Palermo, Sicilia. They were founded on June 7, 2007 following disbandment of a Milan-based X.2244 club and reached promotion on their second season in the league. On February 2, 2008 they mathematically ensured a second consecutive promotion, being crowned league champions one week later. They joined VIII.1320 in season 35, and were crowned league champions in season 39, this being followed by a second consecutive promotion from VII.599 division. In season 43 they became VI.383 and were later promoted to V.170 via playoffs. After two consecutive relegations, the club returned into VI division in season 55.

Real Palemmo are proud of their Sicilian heritage, and release press announcements solely in Italian and Sicilian. Their official colours are pink and black, and play their home matches at Arancina Bridge (formerly known as Comunale Marco Materazzi), which was expanded to a capacity of 18,000, following their recent second promotion. The venue capacity was successively expanded by 8,000 more seats during season 3, and again of 10,000 more at the end of season 39, bringing it to a capacity of 36,000. It was successively expanded to 49,911.

Club history

Global season League
55 1st in VII.655 (promoted)
54 5th in VII.655
53 4th in VII.655
52 6th in VII.655
51 8th in VI.85 (relegated)
50 2th in VII.342 (promoted)
49 6th in VII.342
48 7th in VI.875 (relegated)
47 5th in VI.875
46 4th in VI.875
45 6th in V.170 (relegated)
44 5th in V.170
43 1st in VI.383 (promoted via playoffs)
42 6th in VI.383
41 6th in VI.383
40 1st in VII.599 (promoted)
39 1st in VIII.1320 (promoted)
38 3rd in VIII.1320
37 3rd in VIII.1320
36 6th in VIII.1320
35 6th in VIII.1320
34 1st in IX.616 (promoted)
33 1st in X.2244 (promoted)
32 3rd in X.2244

Managerial history

  • Seasons 32-34: Spain Sergio Martínez Ortega
  • Season 35: Netherlands Joost Pans
  • Seasons 36-37: Lithuania Egytis Gapatėjus
  • Seasons 37-42: Norway Bjørn Dalseth
  • From season 42: Spain Marti Girbau

Topscorer history until season 43

  • Season 32: Sweden Mattias Brandholt (4 goals)
  • Season 33: Chile Gilberto Ross (9 goals)
  • Season 34: Sweden Mattias Brandholt (7 goals)
  • Season 35: Switzerland Gaetano Cavalluci (8 goals)
  • Season 36: Switzerland Gaetano Cavalluci, Romania Neluţu Podaru (5 goals)
  • Season 37: Bulgaria Bogdan Angelov (6 goals)
  • Season 38: Finland Janne Karmala (11 goals)
  • Season 39: Chile Alberto Guerrero (13 goals)
  • Season 40: Chile Alberto Guerrero, Uruguay Emmanuel De María (7 goals)
  • Season 41: Chile Alberto Guerrero (10 goals)
  • Season 42: Italy Luigi Zannirato (5 goals)
  • Season 43: Italy Tullio Bartolomeo (12 goals)

Retired numbers

  • #2: Italy Piero De Camillis, centre back (seasons 32-36)