Us Against The World (UATW)

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Us Against The World (UATW) is a Dutch alliance, founded 03-10-2007 by feanfan and co-founded by Teun_ (formerly known as PolCaf-Teun), bazzie, Atse and UATW-Dirty-Douwe (formerly known as 130989 or UATW-130989).


Originally, the goal was to play challenges against countries. Since that didn't work really, there was decided to play challenges against another alliances. That idea is tested yet. After the start of the alliance, it was clear that the main goal of the alliance wasn't to play challenges, but just making fun together. Playing challenges was only an additonal activity.


When the alliance was founded, it counted 8 members in a few days time. Nowadays (fall 2009), the alliance about 40 members and is still growing. Most famous active users are feanfan, Teun_, Atse-, bazzie, UATW-Dirty_Douwe, ForzaF1, Appiy, Jeltevl, Patricks8, fritsy, bockje, superboeren, mathie, blokkie-AAF, friesland1990 and thijs666.

Getting a member[edit]

To get a new member, you have to be a relation of anyone who is already member. People who run for being a new member with having no text in the running-window will be denied.


UATW knows the following regular jobs:
- Oprichter (founder), the job of feanfan
- Mede-Oprichter (co-founder), the job of Teun_
- Mede-Oprichter (co-founder), the job of UATW-Dirty_Douwe, Atse and Bazzie
- Gamert (gamer), for those who organise games
- Manager Sportzaken (manager sports-events), the job of ForzaF1 and Superboeren, founders of Studio Sport Federatie (SSF)
- WW-Organisator, for those who organise the WW-game
- Grootaandeelhouder, for those who make a lot of conference-postings
- Clash-Organisator, for those who organise the clashes
- Gokverslaafde, for those who win the season-betting game
- Smeerlap, for those who win the season-most bookings-game
- Federatiepapa, the job of Kooistra, oldest member of UATW
- Flagchaser, for those who like to chase flags
- Lid (member), for anyone else

Change of name[edit]

When the alliance was founded, it was named 'Challenge Federatie' (Challenge Alliance). But since there was already an alliance with that name (in English) the name was changed into Us Against The World (in English).