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-Lama- is a Dutch Hattrick player from Overijssel. He started five years ago, in may 2006, and called his team Lama's United, because that was the first thing that came into his head when he applied for a team. That name lasted six seasons. The nickname -Lama- was given to him in KIHDZP, because of his former team name. In real life, -Lama- is quite different from the animal we call lama. -Lama- doesn't have as many hair, walks with two legs, is less athetic than a lama. They also have things in common though, like the level of intelligence and the tendecy to spit.

The current teamname of -Lama- is Megalomania FC. This name is chosen because it's the name of a great song from his favourite band Muse, but also because the word sounds so nice. It has nothing to do with -Lama-'s real personality, not much at least. Well, maybe it does.


After two months of playing Hattrick, -Lama- bought Supporter and became addicted. He joined the Flemish federation KIHDZP, where he met many managers who are still his friends, like Hesko, Red-Joe, and Kikeau. After KIHDZP fell apart, -Lama- joined IHEN, where he is the current leader, together with payback007-LMBF and Kikeau. Because -Lama- isn't a really clever person he joined Zeverfed (ZF), where he can talk with other managers, like Hayerisator, at his own level of intelligence. There are also some feds were -Lama- is less active.

Overview of -Lama-'s federations:


- ZeverFed

- PSV Eindhoven Federation

- HT-Tactiek

- Jeugdopleidingfederatie

Hattrick Career

To be continued...