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Adjampool is a Hattrick club based in England, Cheshire and plays in the VII.227 (118922) series. The Pool, as the club is known by it's small fan base, play their home matches at the compact Anfield Road Arena boasting a capacity of 12,000 seats. The club has been under the guidance of manager Adam James since 18th July, 2008.

Name Changes

Upon taking over the club, Adam James, a lifelong fan of Liverpool F.C, promptly went about renaming it Adjampool in homage to his real life hero's and then followed up by renaming the stadium the Anfield Road Arena. The club originally began life in 2002 as Berkshire Rangers F.C.

About the Owner


Rookie owner/manager Adam James is a born and bred Liverpudlian and currently resides in either St.Helens, Merseyside or his 'work home' in Cheshire. In 2006, James graduated from John Moores University in Liverpool and now holds a ridiculously high position on ridiculously high pay at a ridiculously known worldwide company. People often refer to his unparralled rapid rise and progression at such a tender age as "really quite ridiculous". James' Wife recently had to have every external and interior door extended in order to accommodate her Husband's large head, which coincidentally grew in size as his ridiculous progression progressed. As a result of gaining his degree, Mr. James was as pleased as punch to gain the customary degree initials after his name and is now officially known is education circles as Adam James, 1.di.0.t.

Managing Adjampool

"Nobody is more committed to ensuring Adjampool gains rapid success and progression than me" bellowed James at his press conference unveiling. The results so far indicate a 'mixed bag', with some heavy defeats and few strolling wins. James also strongly denied a media tabloid story quoting him as saying "I haven't got the foggiest clue what I'm doing, mate. But like that bloke at Everton, it's my trainset and I'll do what I want"'. More recent criticism thrown at James by fellow owners/managers suggest he is "just trying to buy his way to success", but with the demands from the slowly increasing fan base resting heavily on his shoulders, the manager and his coach, Alec Lavery, are trying to blend a mix of talented youth and experience that will play attractive football. Investment in the Youth Academy is also part of Adam James strategy for continuing the future success of the club; "I'm in this for the long haul" declared Mr. James at a Q&A session proceeding the first youth team game.

About the Club

Previous Identities

Starting out life as Berkshire Rangers F.C, the club debuted in the English VI.781 league at Season 15 in 2002. The club was generally considered mid-table until consecutive #2 finishes in Season's 21 and 22 were then followed with a #1 finish in Season 23. However, promotion never took place and the owner quit. With eight different ownerships taking place in the space of 4 years, the club has been bounced around between obscurity and nowhere and competed in varying leagues with no success. The fan base has been depleted as they chucked their season tickets in and chose to take up horrifying past-times such as 'Help The Elderly' charity work and weekly Church attendance. Cup progression has also been restricted to Round 3 on only two occasions.

The Adam James Era

A new era was ushered in on 18th July, 2008 as Adam James took ownership of the club. With dwindling attendances and a lack of money and talent, the rookie manager quickly set about completing his Hattrick Manager License and bringing in new faces with a vow of taking the club further than it has dared to ever go before. Setting his target of the 4th round of the Cup and a minimum of second place finish in the Cheshire VII.227 (118922) league, Mr. James is probably setting his sights higher than a manager of his calibre should be. James' commitment shouldn't be questioned however as in his latest interview, he stated "Look, I'm doing everything I can do bring stability and consistency to the club. I even missed out on 'liaisons' with the Mrs last night because I stayed up until 2:30am to bid on a player from Peru. Since taking this club on, I'm half the man I once was, which isn't saying much". A record of 3 defeats and 5 wins in his first 8 matches don't give Mr. James anything to crow about, but the signs are looking positive.

Current Playing Squad

Belgium (Belgium) GK Goos Dejonghe
England (England) GK Simeon Storm

Spain (Spain) D Juan Carlos Val Montes
Finland (Finland) D Seppo Riihikangas
England (England) D Dain Eldridge
England (England) D Cecil Whiteman
England (England) D Colin Karmiol

England (England) M Chris Mag Cuill
Belgium (Belgium) M Mattias Torrekens
England (England) M Desmond Alcock
England (England) M Gary Pittelman
England (England) M Hamilton Whittaker
England (England) M Robert Dickson
England (England) M Shawn Ward
England (England) M Tancred McGillonie

England (England) W Jordy Gibson
England (England) W Gareth Langton
England (England) W Joseph Waugh
England (England) W Steven Cook

Romania (Romania) F Dumitru Bordea
England (England) F Mark Rasmussen
England (England) F Morris Green
England (England) F Phil Hanrahan
Canada (Canada) F Sammy Maples

The squad is constantly revolving at the moment and Mr. James is trying to take a slightly less xenephobic approach with the players he inherited by instilling a continental flavour through his much criticised transfer policy.

Adjampool Scoring Chart

Player League Friendly
Gareth Langton 4 -
Jordy Gibson 1 3
Phil Hanrahan - 3
Morris Green 2 -
Dumitru Bordea - 1
Val Montes 1 -
Joseph Waugh 1 -
Robert Dickson - 1
Chris Mag Cuill - 1

Youth Team

Adjampool's Youth team is named Adjampool Reserves and currently play their home games at the Mini ARS Estadio. Adam James' youth team ply their trade in the youth based Scots League. The league hasn't officially began and there have been threats from within the club that they are to quit imminently. With only one friendly game played, a 2-0 defeat to Danish youth side Gotsche SkoleFodbold on 9th August, 2008, Mr. James is desperate to unleash his fledglings on a more frequent basis. "We've got a reasonably good set-up with the youth side and some potentially very good players. I need to get them playing regular and showing us what they can do which isn't happening in this Mickey Mouse league so I'm pulling the plug".

Youth Squad

England (England) GK Eddie Greenwood

England (England) D John Argo
England (England) D Dillian Jacob
England (England) D Robert Subhedar
England (England) D Andy Franklin

England (England) W Vidyasagar Jayashree
England (England) W Lionel Cross

England (England) M Patrick Scott
England (England) M Jordan Pearmain

England (England) F 方 (Fang) 瑞洋 (Ruiyang)
England (England) F Neil Mantle
England (England) F Jamie Mano

England (England) Kim Stevenson
England (England) Pete Leadbeater
England (England) Jay Bassett
England (England) Colin Furneaux

Adjampool First Team Results

Adjampool have experienced a mixed bag of results within the first team so far.

  • Adjampool's opening league match resulted in a 2-0 defeat to fellow VII.227 (118922) series hopefuls Cornwall United on 20th July, 2008.

  • Two days later, on 22nd July, 2008, a crushing 8-1 friendly defeat at the hands of the awesomely-named Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys called for wholesale changes by a furious Adam James. Immediately after this game, James signed goalkeeper Goos Dejonghe for a record £100,000 and began a stringent training reigme.

  • Party-Poppers were a banging and Streamers were a streaming throughout certain districts of Cheshire on 27th July, 2008 as Adjampool recorded their first league win with a 2-0 victory over Tennal Kings. Gareth Langton showed his undoubted class and announced himself as Adjampool's superstar in the making.

  • A 3-1 confidence boosting friendly win over Hungary's IFFA on 30th July, 2008 started to get everyone at Adjampool worried that the corner was about to be turned. New signing Dumitru Bordea notched his debut goal after only 8 minutes, followed by goals from wing-wizard Jordy Gibson on 13 minutes and vetern Phil Hanarhan after 78 minutes. A whopping attendance of 140 (3 from Adjampool) were left stunned.

  • Adjampool visited Monkey News on the 3rd August, 2008 in a league match marred by off-field incidents. Gareth Langton gave the visitors a 2-0 victory with sublime strikes in the 71st and 73rd minute in a match where Jordy Gibson and Dumitru Bordea also shone like the babies of the Star of Bethlehem. It was Adam James, however, that cancelled the post-match Babysham's and proposed open-top bus victory parade through a delerious Cheshire, insisting the players feet were kept firmly grounded.

  • The USA's Cheektowaga & Diamonds paid visit to the Anfield Road Arena for a friendly match two days later on 5th August, 2008. A forth victory on the bounce for Adam James' ever improving team ended with Jordy Gibson (2), Phil Hanahran, Chris Mag Cuil and Robert Dickson registering a 5-1 win in front of 296 poor souls.

  • Euphoria abound as another league victory was recorded with a comprehensive 4-1 win over Monkey News on 10th August, 2008. Adjampool's domination of posession in both periods (62% in the first half and 72% in the second) helped lift them to the lofty position of 2nd place in the league, although this was at a cost. Star players Dumitru Bordea and Goos Dejonghe picked up injuries that will see both miss a number of weeks action.

  • Adjampool's 5 match winning run in all competitions came to a crashing halt on 12th August, 2008 when a friendly visit to shuttle&loom resulted in an embarrassing 8-1 loss. Not only was the result against Adam James men, but their luck ran out with injuries to Mark Rasmussen and star player Jordy Gibson, who will now miss 7 weeks of action. Post-match, James fumed "They were vastly superior to us and we did try a 3-4-3 formation today, but the result hurts. I don't expect it to effect our morale but the loss of Jordy is a massive blow and will have a negative effect on what remains of our squad. Goos isn't due back for a couple of weeks so I'm stuck with allowing Storm to continue pretending to be a goalkeeper, and Bordea is also still out.".