From Hattrick



I have created my team CoppaCabana in November 2004. It was the fourth week of the first season in Moldova. I was slow enough not to get a spot in in II league, so I ended up in III.4. Immediately, I started training defense. Two reasons made me do that: (1) In real life I usually play as a defender and (2) I was lucky enough to get in my initial team two great defenders: Corneliu Ghită and Petre Manea. The first one especially was the last original player to leave me - I sold him after 9 months of training in June 2005. Today (December 2005) is the most capped international in the A-team.

My first season was a very bitter experience - training defenders and sticking to it meant very few good results. I ended up on the fourth place in my league, but was proud to have a stable training scheme - the only right decision I made. Next season I ended the league on the second place and the seaon afterwards I promoted to the II division, playing also in the semi-finals of Moldova's Cup.

Don't You Do This!

Would be fun mentioning some stooopid things that I did after I got my team:

1. Adopting the "Maybe he'll sell high" attitude. Of course I had no idea that it _costs_ to put players on the TL. I thought it's for free! So I would virtually put my entire team on the transfer list for impossibly high prices. None of them would get sold and I'd lose important cash that could be otherwise invested more strategically. Yeah - don't do this!;)

2. Building an elitist arena. So I thought "Why should I sell cheap tickets to the match? How about I build a stadium made up only of under roof and VIP seats?" I demolished all the terraces and the basic seating and only post-factum realised that it was a bad decision. If only I read the arena section of the help fire before. Same thing -don't do this!;)