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Argonite is the owner of the club KF Rottenton.

Argonite started in Hattrick 24th of September 2003 but didn't get his team until 1st of October the same year. Argonite was really successful and never demoted until lately due to the fact that he did change training. He got to the top of Úrvalsdeild which is the highest league in Ísland.

Argonite's career

But Argonite did more then just think about his team. He was very active on the forums and was offered to take over the Mod position when MOD_Hagskinna resigned. He took the job in 2007 and after some time he got promoted to a GM after having proven himself as an MOD.

Also he did a fantastic job as an National Coach for Iceland. He might not have gone far with it, but he did his best and after all, that's all that counts.

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