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LA-Artod (user-id: 1280417) is the owner of Breg, an Italian/Slovenian club established on May 4th, 2004, that reached the Italian div. III. On November 28th, 2010 he closed his Italian club and opened a new one, Novi Breg, in Slovenia, with a new user account (user-id: 11112383), renaming his old club to Bivši Breg (Former Breg) in the process. A season later, the club was renamed Š.D. Breg and then finally Breg again by the GMs.

Born and living in Italy, he is nevertheless of Slovenian descent. Three times Slovenia U-20 coach, one time Slovenia NT coach and former Al Kuwayt NT coach, he's known to be tricky, omnipresent and control freakish. Likes mind games, though he has yet to break a deal in his entire carreer. Well-known member of the Slovenian community, he stands out as being one of the few users leaving community meetings (most notably the Slovenian Cup Final seasonal meeting) completely sober.

Long-time friend of former South African U-20 and NT coach giallone, former owner of South African NT player Tsalani Namuswa, former South African U-20 and NT player Christophe Penders and former Slovenian U-20 player and NT player Stipe Brkić.

Winner of the Slovenian Cup in seasons 40 and 45 (shown as seasons 41 and 46 due to a bug).

Former Editor of Slovenian HT Press, Global Editor since 9/9/2013 to April 2015 and known contributor to Slovenian, Italian and Global Hattrick Press. Slovenian LA from April 2015 onwards and Senior LA from May 2016. CHPP developer, most notably of the Slovenian U20/NT DB.

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