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The correct title of this page is attif. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

attif is the conservative manager of Hattrick team Larz Laddar. Apart from his nemesis and (also) mentally questionable co-owner, Larz, Attif tries his best to burn out all potential joy in anything. Having a rather blurred past and uncertain future, Attif usually appears as a somewhat unenviable character with whom no one has ever wished company or any kind of physical or verbal interaction. Although each other’s very opposites, the two owners do share some distinguished, if not very honourable, characteristics. Extreme perversion when it comes to sex, food and life, is probably the foremost and best documented feature that connects the antagonists. Other qualities that separate the duo from the rest of the known and the, hopefully, unknown world are the tendencies to humiliate themselves and, more intently, one another. Abilities, however, that exemplifies Attif, and no one but, would be raw jealousy when it comes to any form of success signed to the world in general and Larz in specific. Larz’s humongous male sex organ (slightly less known as The Chinese Wall, Julius Caesar and God’s inspiration to the giraffe’s neck) is often the object of Attif’s violent outbursts that normally last a few days, after which follows a period of solitary absence, catatonic behavior and deep, grave-like hibernation.


Attif is not tolerant, but rather "assassive", when it comes to social activities such as coming across the evidence of the existence of another being. Therefore, he strives for the ultimate point of no reference, or as Larz once put it: “A place to die”. This comment, however correct it might have been at the time (9:14 a.m.), strongly urged Attif to never die but to find a place deader than death. Being constantly interrupted by the doings of Larz, Attif has yet to advance in the search of a final resort.