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Buul, at Hattrick Buul_, is the manager of JBU Winterswijk 147242, playing in the Dutch V.126-league. He's been playing Hattrick since the end of january 2003. Aslo he is active at the IRC-channels #sealand and at the Quakenet-network.

Buul is member of the following federations:

- Sealand - Oliemagnaat

- Official Dutch Federation - Member

- Het Strategisch Verbond - Sergeant

- Achterhoek Federatie - Alcoholist

- Hattrick Supporters Home - Lid

Moreover, Buul is a semi-active user at the Newbieforum and National Forum. Most of the time he is posting in his favourite federation Sealand.

JBU Winterswijk[edit]

JBU Winterswijk was founded 24 january 2003 in the Dutch League. JBU started in the league VI.531. After two seasons the club promoted to the V.249. LogoTeam147242.jpg

- Season 18: 2nd in VI.531 (no cup)

- Season 19: 1st in VI.531 (4th round Cup)

- Season 20: 3rd in V.249 (4th round Cup)

- Season 21: 1st in V.249 (4th round Cup)

- Season 22: 8th in IV.36 (5th round Cup)

- Season 23: 1st in V.7 (2nd round Cup)

- Season 24: 6th in IV.32 (3rd round Cup)

- Season 25: 8th in IV.32 (3rd round Cup)

- Season 26: 2nd in V.126 (5th round Cup)

- Season 27: 1st in V.126 (4th round Cup)

- Season 28: 7th in IV.1 (4th round Cup)

- Season 29: 6th in V.68 (6th round Cup)

- Season 30: ??? in V.68 (4th round Cup)