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Buul, at Hattrick Buul_, is the manager of JBU Winterswijk 147242, playing in the Dutch V.126-league. He's been playing Hattrick since the end of january 2003. Aslo he is active at the IRC-channels #sealand and at the Quakenet-network.

Buul is member of the following federations:

- Sealand - Oliemagnaat

- Official Dutch Federation - Member

- Het Strategisch Verbond - Sergeant

- Achterhoek Federatie - Alcoholist

- Hattrick Supporters Home - Lid

Moreover, Buul is a semi-active user at the Newbieforum and National Forum. Most of the time he is posting in his favourite federation Sealand.

JBU Winterswijk

JBU Winterswijk was founded 24 january 2003 in the Dutch League. JBU started in the league VI.531. After two seasons the club promoted to the V.249. LogoTeam147242.jpg

- Season 18: 2nd in VI.531 (no cup)

- Season 19: 1st in VI.531 (4th round Cup)

- Season 20: 3rd in V.249 (4th round Cup)

- Season 21: 1st in V.249 (4th round Cup)

- Season 22: 8th in IV.36 (5th round Cup)

- Season 23: 1st in V.7 (2nd round Cup)

- Season 24: 6th in IV.32 (3rd round Cup)

- Season 25: 8th in IV.32 (3rd round Cup)

- Season 26: 2nd in V.126 (5th round Cup)

- Season 27: 1st in V.126 (4th round Cup)

- Season 28: 7th in IV.1 (4th round Cup)

- Season 29: 6th in V.68 (6th round Cup)

- Season 30: ??? in V.68 (4th round Cup)