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GM-CrazyCoyote (241080)
Team: BFC Stretford Slack Alice
Arena: Theatre of Dream (90000)
Fan club: Stretford Enders
Prize shelf: Division III.PNG Division III.PNG Division II.PNG Division II.PNG Division III.PNG
Series: III.11
Region: Banja Luka
Country:  Bosna i Hercegovina


About me

Who I am? Well, I am 19 years old student from Banja Luka, Bosna i Hercegovina. Fallen in love with this game and now playing it for almost 4 years. During these years, I have managed to achieve lot of things in Hattrick, but what is most important I made lot of friends, which I wouldn't met if there was no Hattrick. I am playing since first season in Bosna i Hercegovina, winning 3rd series three times and 2nd on two occasions. Also, I have played in semi-finals of Kup Bosne i Hercegovine for three times. Last year, I became one of staff members, first moderator, then GameMaster. Two season ago, I have won elections and became first ever U20 coach of Uman/Oman, and in last elections I came second in Bosna i Hercegovina.

GM Work

Of course, being a staff member needs time and will. It isn't hard work, but we, staff members, need to be careful and responsible all the time. Luckily, we have great staff team in Bosna i Hercegovina and I'm glad to be part of it. Don't cheat, because you will be fined or maybe even your club will be locked.


As I said, I have made lot of friend during years spent playing Hattrick. They are from all part of worlds, but only those from Bosna i Hercegovina I have met in real life. Every day I contact with them, especially staff members, but also users from Srbija, Uman, France, Belgium, Spain...

Bosna i Hercegovina Hattrick Meeting

On two occasions, managers from Bosna i Hercegovina, gathered in city of Jajce, on river Pliva to meet each other. These were great meetings with loads of managers, beer, food and football. This year in cooperation with Keanu and El-Gadafy, users from Jajce I organized third edition of BiH HT Meeting which was very succesfull and was attended by many users.

Uman U20 team

Two seasons ago I have decided to run for Uman U20 elections and won it. I am their first ever HT U20 coach. I give my best to ensure younger players gather experience for next season, trying to buildup national pool of players for future. However, this hasn't stopped me from getting nice wins against other "young" nations in HT. I decided not run for new mandate.

BFC Stratford Slack Alice

About BFC Stratford Slack Alice

Club was founded under name of Borac BL on 8th of August 2003. It was a sunny day, and president Vedran Djukaric decided to make first club from Banja Luka on Hattrick. Hattrick Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina made a decision placing us in III.4 series where we were superb. Two seasons and two trophies for easy way into II.4. Playing offensive football payed it price, scoring loads of goals during two seasons in II series. Borac BL were champions on both occasions getting a one-way ticket to top series in BiH, Premijer Liga. There we were for 4 seasons, getting relegated in last game and going into II.2 where we were title chasers, but unfortunately won only one point in last 4 games and losing the title in finish line. From that moment there was only one way and it was down right to the bottom. One of the reasons was buying two NT scorers of Bosna i Hercegovina, Sakib Softic and Milan Djukic, training them until divine+++ level and losing a lot of money. However, good strategy from Borac BL board payed off and in second season in III.6 we were able to get direct promotion to II.3 series where our only goal is to stay put. But, we got relegated once again to III.11 and club board decided to change name to BFC Stretford Slack Alice.



  • Division III.PNG Series Champions III.4 Bosna i Hercegovina Season 2
  • Division III.PNG Series Champions III.4 Bosna i Hercegovina Season 3
  • Division II.PNG Series Champions II.4 Bosna i Hercegovina Season 4
  • Division II.PNG Series Champions II.4 Bosna i Hercegovina Season 5
  • Division III.PNG Series Champions III.6 Bosna i Hercegovina Season 13


  • Theatre of Dreams
  • Banja Luka
  • Capacity: 90.000
  • Location: near orthodox church and shopping mall Zenit