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The correct title of this page is Divine_Evil. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

My brief story

I play Hattrick since april 2004. At first as a total newby I made a lot of mistakes etc. But then I found a perfect helping tool - Hattrick Manager, and I began to develope my team PFC "Etar" Veliko Tarnovo by training defenders. I made a little transfer with a friend of mine and my team was closed. This happened in May 2005. After my 7 week penalty, I didn't got a new team right away and I had to wait till 21 october. And so atlast I got a new team "Helloween Fears" and with it I wish I can make it to the top of Bulgaria's league.

My plans

I'll train good keepers and with the money made from them I'll buy some awsome players ;)

My contribution for the Hattrick community

I have translated Hattrick Manager into Bulgarian

I have translated Hattrick Viewer into Bulgarian

I have translated FoxTrick into Bulgarian

I have translated PsicoTSI into Bulgarian